The 7 Best Air Fryers Reviewed

Oil free hot air fryers have revolutionized the way that we think about fried foods. An oil-free hot air fryer uses rapid air technology which is a combination of ultra-high heat combined with convection to get the same results as frying. The benefit to this type of cooking is that you get the taste of the fried foods that you love without all of the extra fat and calories. Now, you can successfully fry fish, chicken, chips, pastries, French fries, and other fried favorites right in your own home with up to 80% less fat than traditional oil-fryer methods.

Hot Air Fryer vs. Deep Fat Fryer

Fat is pretty unappealing on its own, but coat some food in breading and dunk it in a vat of boiling oil and creates a whole new sensory experience. The aroma of a crispy, fried coating arouses your taste buds long before the food is fully cooked. As it passes over your tongue, it tastes even better.

The beauty of deep fat frying is that when the internal temperature is right, you get food that is cooked perfectly on the inside and you can also enjoy the crunchy, outer coating on the outside. The obvious downside to frying foods in a deep fat fryer is that it soaks food in grease. When you divulge in fried foods too often, they can leave you with a gassy stomach and clogged arteries. Adding to that, you gain more in fat and calories than your body needs. Different types of oils boil at different temperatures. When you surpass an oil’s smoke point, it makes food taste rancid. Another risk to using deep fat fryers is the risk of burning your face and hands. Oil can flare up and cause a grease fire which can be difficult to control.

Hot air fryers eliminate many of the safety risks that come with deep fat frying. Hot air frying is not completely oil-free but the amount of oil used in air frying is substantially less than deep fat frying. This means you get the same delicious fried foods without all the fat and calories.

Best Air Fryers

1. Philips HD9230.26 Digital Air Fryer

French fry lovers will appreciate this hot air fryer that makes crispy fries with 70% less fat than fries submerged in oil. This machine by Philips drains away excess oil. It has a 60-minute timer and lets you adjust temperatures up to 390 degrees. It has a double layer rack to maximize thorough cooking. Drop the parts into the dishwasher for super easy cleaning.

2. GoWISE USA GW22621 4

With every new model, GoWISE makes improvements to their hot air fryers. The 4th generation model has touch screen capability with settings for chips, meat, chicken, steak, shrimp, or fish. You can also manually program your own setting. It has a button guard to protect against accidentally detaching the hot basket. The detachable basket easily transfers foods from fryer to serving. Temperatures adjust from 175-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer

Big Boss takes a 3-tier approach to hot air frying. Halogen heats the surface of food for easy browning, roasting, and flavor improvement. Convection heat circulates the hot air to distribute it evenly. Infrared heat uses microwave technology to cook food from the inside out. You don’t even need to thaw food before cooking and you can cook on two trays at the same time. The super-tight lid keeps hot air inside the machine and the bright red color just makes it fun to have on the counter.

4. Gourmia GTA2500 Electric Digital Air Fryer Griller and Roaster

Gourmia makes this affordable hot air fryer that adds versatility to features that are regularly found on other hot air fryers. This model includes 11 attachments that allow you to bake, fry, grill, steam, and roast, all in one countertop appliance. The interior has a non-stick, removable surface for easing cleaning. You’ll reduce cooking time by up to 60%. Owners of this model may be using their traditional ovens far less than they used to.

5. Emeril Home Chef Air Fryer

This hot air fryer gets the stamp of approval by Chef Emeril Lagasse. It bakes, grills, and roasts foods without dripping or splattering. You only need a tiny bit of oil to make the crispiest French fries, tender chicken wings, and juicy steaks. Make one of Chef Emeril’s recipes that are included with the fryer for a healthier alternative to your favorite fried foods.

6. VonShef Electric Health 6-in-1 Turbo Air Fryer

Many foods can be cooked in the VonShef turbo air fryer without any oil at all. Other foods require adding only a minimal amount of oil. Use one of the 7 pre-programmed settings or manually set your own. This fryer bakes, roasts, grills, fries, and even spits beef and pork roasts. Use the speedy setting to cook food in record time. You can even bake cakes, cheesecakes, bread, and quiche using this hot air fryer.

7. Le Coucou Rapid Air Fryer Harmony II

Eliminate smoke and splattering oil with this hot air fryer with an easy-to-use digital control touch panel. Adjust the temperature up to 390 degrees. The timer cooks for up to 60 minutes and shuts off when the fry pan is removed from the unit. Use little or no oil to cook fries, meat, seafood, vegetables, and even risotto. This fryer has a nice safety feature. It won’t start the cooking process until the fry pan is locked into place.

Oil free hot air fryers have transformed our thinking about healthy cooking. Many of the manufacturers have taken their products a step further so that they do extra duty as baking and roasting appliances. Overall, hot air fryers have made it possible to enjoy the taste of all kinds of foods in a healthier, more satisfying way.

Are Air Fryers Good For You?

Here is a good video that talks about how healthy air fryers are:

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