The 5 Best Bathroom Towel Racks Reviewed

Making the big decisions about bathroom renovations is hard, but it’s actually much harder to choose the accessories that are going to give your bathroom some personality. From the mirrors to the shower curtain, your bathroom has to have a little piece of you stamped right across it.

While you want to keep up with the latest trends in interior design, you can get overwhelmed by the constant pushing of products coming to market every single week. Whether it’s the bathmats, the chrome door handles and the tiles on the walls, you’re going to get bombarded with products.

It’s safe to say that there is a large number of products that can confuse things for you, which means that you have a lot of decisions to make about your new bathroom. One of the most crucial decisions that you have to make? Bathroom towel racks!

Some Benefits Of Bathroom Towel Racks

One of the biggest benefits of a bathroom towel holder is the fact that you can declutter your bathroom with them. The ladder style, especially, are those that give you a chance to hang multiple towels and save you from leaving them all over the floor (yeah, we do it, too). You can choose to have a towel rail mounted to help you to declutter the space and add something beautiful to your walls.

The appeal of new towel rails for the bathroom doesn’t just lie in the fact that it means a renovation for your bathroom. You can gain practical storage along with warmth, which means that you are going to be able to have dual use of your towel racks. Now that we know all of this about towel holders for the bathroom, let’s check out the best products for use for your new bathroom towel rails.

The Best Bathroom Towel Racks

1. YAMAZAKI home Leaning Ladder Rack

One of the more popular ladder style towel racks, this Yamazaki model is perfect for the items that aren’t usually hung. The additional space allows your belongings to dry effectively and the slim, retro design make it a stylish design for any bathroom. It’s fashioned in the same way a ladder is, allowing extra space for items that don’t usually get hung up such as scarves and bags. It’s a small space solution as this leaning ladder provides creative storage for your home, and when you use S-hooks, you can add your belts to it.

The design is retro, so it can fit in as a quirky talking point in any bathroom. The steel ladder style is designed to be against the wall leaning so that you can hang what you need to hang easily. The beauty of this towel rack is that it is easy to assemble and lightweight as well as being easy to move around. Worrying about it slipping? Don’t worry – there are rubber feet supplied to prevent this from happening. And don’t worry about it being weighed down, each rung of the ladder can hold the weight of 2.2lb.

2. OXO Good Grips Over The Door Stainless Steel Rack

Not every bathroom towel rack is going to be a ladder style rack that goes up the wall. Sometimes, you get the over the door style towel racks like this model. The non-slip hooks grip your towels securely so you don’t have to worry about them slipping off and falling to the floor in a heap. Towel racks like this one fit in well with homes that don’t have enough space for the regular towel racks. The over the door feature means that this is an efficient and excellent space saver, meaning that you can dry your things out of the way and without any interference to the rest of the house.

There is a flexible opening which automatically adjusts to doors of any size, and the fact that the surface is non-skid means that your doors won’t be damaged. You can use the versatile hook for the bathroom, laundry room and more. The modern design means that this is a towel rack that can suit any interior design type. It’s great for bedrooms, bathrooms, mud rooms and pantries; wherever you need it, you can hang it.
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3. MyGift 4 Bar Chrome-Plated Bath Towel Ladder

There is no way that your towel rail for bathroom choice has to be boring, not when you can utilize the look of a slick organizer in your bathroom. Adding a splash of uniqueness just helps your bathroom to be as modernly decorated as possible. With this clever ladder design, you can utilize the four horizontal bars to provide room to hang towels or dry your laundry. A stylish display, you can use this mobile and modern rack for more than just towels. The rail itself is chrome plated, which means that it will suit every bathroom design whether you have a modern or vintage offering.

The whole idea of this towel ladder is to save space while providing you with the maximum in mobility and storage. There’s an included rubber sleeve, and you can use this to secure it to the top of the wall to make it more stable. It’s quick and easy in its assembly and if you want to jazz it up a little, you need to lean it over a heater to see your clothes warm up really quickly!

4. KES Swivel Towel Bar SUS 304 Stainless Steel 4-Arm Bathroom Swing Hanger Towel Rack

When you want a towel rail that is going to offer you longevity, you want the KES Swivel Towel Bar. With it, you get top quality materials to hang your things without causing any issues. This stainless steel towel bar offers an efficient, space saving design and it has 4 bars for more storage for your convenience. It’s not just for towels; you can use it for clothing and jackets, too. As the bars are rotatable by 180 degrees you can get a lot onto this towel rail and it’s completely rust proof because of the chromium/nickel content that will protect it. This makes it perfect for a humid environment such as a bathroom.

There is a maximum load of 15KG, and a hand polished finish to make it the perfect addition to your bathroom or laundry room. One of the best features of this towel bar is how easy it is to put together – it’s that easy, you could do it yourself!

5. Franklin Brass 193153-FN Over the Door Triple Towel Rack

Enjoying a long, hot shower is so much easier when there is a soft towel waiting for you at the end of it. Hanging up a wet towel at the end of a shower is an annoyance when you know that you may have to use it again later or the next day. Most towel racks cause a towel to bunch up, which means that instead of drying properly, it dries damp and with a weird and musty smell with it. This tiered over the door triple rack increases airflow, allowing your damp towels to air dry without a problem. The best solution for smaller bathrooms and limited wall space, which makes it so much easier to declutter a small space.

You don’t necessarily need to have a giant bathroom to dry your towels and you can hang this over any door in the house that makes sense for your drying needs. As it’s over the door, there’s no installation required and it’s versatile, so it can move from room to room. With three, tiered towel bars, you can use it to dry towels of all sizes. There are 2 handy bottom hooks for wash cloths and sponges, and its durable construction makes it one of the best towel rails for use in the home.

Towel Holder Considerations

When you’re buying bathroom towel racks, you need to consider a few things:

  • The Style – Your bathroom isn’t going to be the same as your neighbour across the street. The floorplan layout may be similar, but the actual look of the bathroom won’t be the exact same. Is it modern or traditional? Do you have a short wall space or large empty walls? Do you have a vintage colour scheme or are you all chrome, chrome, chrome? Know your style before you can know your towel rail.
  • The Touch – Do you want a heated towel rail or one that is simply there to hang the towels? Ladder towel rails are a hugely popular option, while the traditional towel radiators look great in a traditional bathroom. You don’t have to go for heated, but it’s a nice way to save space if you are looking to combine the function of the towel rail.
  • The Size – Your bathroom may not be a huge space, and that’s okay. There are a range of sizes to choose from so you aren’t likely to have a problem finding one to fit the en-suite or the family bathroom space. Measure the walls accurately before making a decision though, because you want to account for the space that the valves need to go in.
  • The Finish – A towel rail for the bathroom isn’t always silver metal. You can choose chrome, of course, but you can also choose white and anthracite. Chrome is always popular as it goes with almost all bathroom colour schemes. White is the usual choice for those who want to maintain a vintage feel.

DIY Bathroom Towel Rack Video

If you are considering saving money by building your own towel rack, here is a good YouTube video outlining one way to do it:

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