Top Counter Top Water Filtration Systems Reviewed

Counter top water filtration systems keep you from having to run wires, drill holes, or any other antics to your main water line or under your sink. You still get fresh water without a bulky water container stored in your fridge. They make a great option for cooking, cleaning, drinking, or just making the perfect cup of coffee.

We did all the research for you so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours looking up every water filtration system on the market. You found the pickiest people on the planet to please and we only put the best of the best on the list so you don’t have to worry about inferior products making the cut.

Best Counter Top Water Filtration Systems

1. Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, Clear (MR-1050)

The Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter doesn’t just clean your water, it adds minerals to your water too. The modern design and a wide range of color options allow you to personalize your water and your kitchen. Who knew a water filter could decorate your kitchen in reds, blues, or even chrome?

Eliminate 99% of substances found in common tap water with this low-level filter with less work connecting to plumbing. No more chlorine, chloramine, benzene, radon, or heavy metals contaminating the taste of your water. It can also prevent microorganism buildup. After, it re-adds magnesium, potassium, and calcium to raise the alkalinity of tap water.

This filter sits on your counter right next to your sink. Installation couldn’t be easier as it connects to most standard household kitchen faucets with the included hardware. You do need a standard faucet for the counter filter to work, otherwise, you will need to try another method of filtration or a different faucet, your choice.

No more bottles of water wasting money and filling landfills. Your family can use the faucet attached to the filter for quick access to delicious cloud-free water to replace expensive water bottles. Furthermore, the great price makes this a well-loved choice to get clean water without constantly refilling a pitcher or messing with the plumbing under your kitchen sink.

Last of all, changing the filters may require superhuman strength. The filter can grow some algae, so you will need to monitor it to prevent this common issue. Use vinegar to kill dozens of different issues that can attack a filter. Customers do love how easy it is to install and the three-layers of filtration to remove as much as possible from water despite the two minor problems.

2. pH REGENERATE Faucet Water Filter System

The pH Regenerate comes with a modern design of stainless steel with double barrels on one base with one for the faucet and the other for the slim filter. Connect to your kitchen sink or bathroom tap for high pH alkaline filtered water. Yes, this filter also adds alkalinity back to your water after filtering for increased health and taste.

It adds in important minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron. Before adding nutrients back into the water, it first removes contaminants like mercury, copper, lead, chlorine, chloramine, and limescale. It also removes fluoride which is great for teeth but terrible for your health, especially for children. All this adds up to balanced water with a refreshing taste with no odor or free radicals.

The filter only requires changing once a year unless you have significantly bad water then the filter can go down to only a few months. Filter changes are simple as is installation to your sink with minor space taken from your kitchen. A great addition to any kitchen that wants quality water for drinking without extra work or filters for all the house water.

Though the set includes instructions, they aren’t clear nor does the company tell customers any information about the filters or what style filters they are like carbon-based or otherwise. This would be helpful information to anyone searching to remove specific contaminants from their water. Most customers though found no problems and enjoy refreshing water with little work.

3. iSpring CKC1C Countertop Water Filter

With the iSpring Countertop Water Filter, you get a clear filter housing so you can inspect it visually and know when it’s time for a replacement. The whole set up attaches to your faucet for easy access to clean water. Again, no need to mess with your plumbing or your main water line, this is a simple to install additional faucet that attaches to the current faucet.

This system includes a standard 5-micron carbon block cartridge to remove 95% of chlorine, odors, sand, silt, sediment, and rust from your house water. It is effective on VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as herbicides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals as well. Other filters offer filters with down to 2 or 1 micron but cost ten times the price and sometimes more. If you do not have terrible water, this should be sufficient for your needs.

Everything you need for the minimal setup comes in the box including your first 10 inch CTO cartridge, a plastic wrench, 2 faucet adapters, tubing, and an O-ring to prevent leaks. Overall, this is only a system to improve the taste and odor of your water. For those with terrible water, you may want to consider an under-the-sink six-stage filtration system, a reverse osmosis system, or a whole house filtration system.

Despite the O-ring, many customers had issues with this unit leaking and others had issues with tastes. Mind you, if you have heavily chlorinated water, this is not the best option for you. If you only need an entry-level filter, this is a great option.

4. Cuckoo CP-MN031BK Direct Flow Countertop Water System

The sleek Cuckoo Countertop Filter System looks more like a Nespresso coffee maker than a water filter. Its slim body takes up very little space on your counter and stores all the filters inside the black body. Even better, it is a tankless direct flow, 6-stage filtration system. Also, it’s heavy and rectangular so you can put it on any counter safely.

Filter 1 uses a pre-carbon filter with a life of 4 months, level 2 uses a nano positive filter with a 12-month life, and filter 3 uses a mineralizer filter with a 12-month life as well. Each filter comes with a different colored label with clear print to tell you which filter to put where. These filters work together to get rid of viruses, odor, lead, giardia cysts, germs, algae, fungi, organic substances, chlorine, heavy metals, and so much more. The filter even remineralizes the water with a special technology for an all-natural boost of magnesium and potassium.

The best part is the filters each come with an alarm to tell you when it’s time to change the filters. It even tells you the exact filter! Changing the filter is easy too as you don’t need to twist or turn just put it in and you are good with no hassle or leaks. The system comes with tubing to attach to your water supply and all the necessary components, which you can install in about 15 minutes. Now you have clean water at the push of a button.

Although the price is a little high, you are getting an exceptional water dispenser to clean your water and add in necessary nutrients. It measures 14.9″ x 5.3″ x 14.4” which takes up very little counter space and offers a lot in return. You can pick from two different installation methods to meet your family’s needs. This device does not provide cold water, only room temperature water.

5. Zero Installation Purifier Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Another great option if you want a countertop water filter is the Reverse Osmosis set by PuricomUSA. This filter removes 99% of contaminants sitting on your kitchen counter. No installation necessary either to get great tasting water. It takes up a significant portion of your counter spaces, so if you have a small kitchen then you may need to consider a smaller option.

Remove up to 99% of contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals plus many other unsettling items in common tap water. This reverse osmosis filter offers a 50% recovery rate and uses less power than a 24-watt lightbulb. This is a good option for someone in an apartment or condo who cannot attach a full system to their water but want clean H2O to drink.

Get a quiet machine with a long life. Cleaning is easy too as is changing filters. An LED indicator lets you know the status of the system whenever you want to know. Also, operate with a push of a button to fill your cup with clean odor-free water. With a built-in pump, you are guaranteed a high flow-rate too! The only real problem is this countertop model is one of the highest prices on the market.

The water filters through four layers including a sediment filter, two carbon filters, and a reverse osmosis filter for the purest water possible. Another filter adds back in a small amount of necessary nutrients such as calcium and magnesium after cleaning the water of all nasty elements. The only issue is a little leaking which is to be expected from defective models or anything with a water source. Make sure to fill the tank correctly to avoid this issue.

6. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System

For those with very little space to spare, the Home Master Filtration System is a great option similar to a couple of the options above. It takes up very little space and you don’t need to worry about installation either as it’s super easy. You can install it in just minutes and if you need, you can take it on the road if needed too.

This one costs a bit more but offers three stages of filtration to remove up to 93 percent of fluoride, chlorine, VOCs, TOCs, tastes, odors, and strange tastes. However, the filter does not remove calcium or magnesium, which is great as you need these in your diet. The advanced layered filter uses coconut shell carbon, compression disks, and activated alumina to channel water through while removing impurities.

For optimal filtration, change the filters every three months or every 500 gallons. You may want to put the date on your calendar so you don’t forget. Of course, this model includes a spigot to get clean water for drinking or cooking. Mind you, everyone has different water and some have worse water. If you have terrible water, you may need a stronger filtration system to remove larger amounts of contaminants.

7. cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System Faucet Adapter

For a lower price and a more modern design, try the Clean Water 4 Less Faucet Adapter. Its compact size takes up very little space and works great with those stuck with chlorinated water will enjoy this filter. Installation takes only a few minutes without tools to give you great tasting water on demand.

Here’s the best part, no replacement filters which saves you a ton of money. Granulated activated carbon removes up to 97 percent of chlorine, sediments, VOCs, odor, and bad tastes from your tap water. This allows you to save money on over 10,000 gallons of bottled waters.

This is a perfect option for those with mild water issues who just want clean water for drinking, making drinks, or cooking food. You can also use this water for plants as it doesn’t use reverse osmosis, so it maintains some minerals plants need to thrive. It filters with five different stages including a depth pre-filter, a GAC activated filter, a depth post-filter, and a final micron filter which gives you a great flow rate too.

Finally, a few customers complained about the low quality, but then again the low price can indicate its not on par with its many expensive counterparts. Again, this filter works for minor water issues, not heavy-duty issues. Ensure you have a standard faucet or this product will not fit.

8. Santevia Gravity Water System – Countertop Model

If fluoride is your main reason for wanting a countertop filter, try the Santevia Gravity Water System. The unique round shape and design almost looks like a water tank you would see at a doctor’s office. It comes with two barrels, one for adding water, and one for it to drain and filter into.

Beyond fluoride, the system also filters out chlorine, micro-plastics, bacteria, and parasites. It also adds back in minerals you need to alkalize your water and give you extra health benefits. The system filters down to 0.3 microns to eliminate, even more, especially the micro-plastics you definitely don’t want to drink.

The system includes a base, a clean water tank, a filter, and a tap water tank along with a spigot to easily fill up a cup. This filter improves the taste and odor of your water. Three filtration methods work together to remove contaminants including a ceramic pre-filter to reduce rust, sediments, bacteria, and parasites. Layer two reduces all the other items you don’t want like chlorine, herbicides, drugs, chemicals, metals, and more. Stage three includes mineral stones (porous maifan) to oxygenate water, add in minerals, and restore alkalinity. Finally, the system includes some magnets to energize water for optimal absorption.

A small percent of customers found this filter completely ineffective as they tested the water and found no reduction in contaminants. However, if the tests check for completely pure water, any remineralized water will negatively impact the test. Finally, some complained the water took forever to filter and others claimed it broke in just a few minutes.

9. Royal Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

While the Royal Berkey Water Filter System is made to be a portable water filtration system, this filter tank can easily sit on your counter. Trust me though, you do not want to take this hiking as it’s on the large size. It holds 3.25 gallons of water, which is great for families who drink a lot of water and you can take it with you when you go camping too.

The portable container comes apart into two sections with a filter inside. On the bottom find a convenient pour spout for draining the water right into your drinking cup or bottle. This set comes with two filters and you can add up to 4 to increase the flow rate of the system.

It measures 23 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter which is enough space for water for 2-4 people a day. The powerful purification system purifies and filters water by removing over 99% of viruses, pathogenic bacteria, protozoa, and trihalomethanes. It doesn’t stop there as it also removes inorganic minerals, heavy metals, and even pharmaceutical drugs.

Each filter works for 6,000 gallons of water before you need to change. This equals out to about 2 cents cost per gallon. Hello, affordable health! As the system does not require electricity, tools, or plumbing to operate. The system requires cleaning which can frustrate out on a campsite and annoying based on the high price, but at home, cleaning is much easier.

10. AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

While the last two models were tankless, the Aqua Tru Countertop System uses a tank to allow the water through to the filter. As a matter of fact, this is a stand-alone system you don’t need to connect to anything. That means no tools, no messing with your faucet, or your plumbing under the sink, or even your house’s main water line. Just clean water when you need it close by.

The system uses 4 steps including reverse osmosis to filter the water. Stage one uses a mechanical pre-filter while stage two uses a reverse osmosis pre-filter followed by the reverse osmosis membrane in stage three. Finally, stage four uses an activated carbon filter to remove the rest of the water. These stages work to remove lead, chromium, copper, fluoride, radium, chlorine and over 1000 more contaminants lurking in your tap water.

A unique design allows you to cleverly hide the three filters (one of them has two stages) in a clever compartment. On the other side is the tank for adding in tap water and the tank for holding clean water. The clean water tank comes out completely to put in your fridge for cold clean water. A blue button on the handle lets you press to release water for less mess and work for your cup of water.

In this video a doctor explains why water filters are important, and demonstrates the Aqua Tru:

No more bottles of water or slow trickling filter in your fridge. Standard filters that go in the ridge remove very little and manly change the taste and color of the water without removing many chemicals or contaminants which is why this is the best of both worlds. Change the filters in second with easy to read, colored labels.

Finally, the system costs a decent amount of money and it takes up a lot of space on your counter though they made the set as slim as possible. It does not drain large amounts of water into the fridge tank which means you need to fill and filter your water often. Also, it does not remineralize your water which means you aren’t getting trace nutrients and this does not offer a space to re-add the minerals to yours or your children’s drinking water. Many customers found this filter died after only a couple of months of use. Make sure you keep your receipt if you choose this unique filter.

Questions About Counter Top Water Filtration Systems

I don’t have a lot of counter space, can I still use one of these filters?

Absolutely! Some of these filters take up less space than a glass cup and they sit right by your sink so they are out of the way and where you normally go for a drink of water.

Who are countertop filters best for?

People who live in spaces they cannot modify would benefit best from one of these filters. If you live in an apartment, a condo, a cabin in the woods for the summer, or any other location where you are not allowed to install a bigger system use a countertop system. Also, if you need clean water now but don’t want to mess with your plumbing or need to wait until you can afford another system, these are the right option for you.

Doesn’t a water pitcher for the fridge do the same thing without taking up counter space?

No. A fridge pitcher only clears out a few contaminants and many focuses on cleaning up the taste, odor, and cloudiness of water. If you want to remove important impurities, you need a water filter with more power than you can get from a water pitcher. Also, these filters offer a better flow rate and doesn’t require filling up a container.

Wrapping Up Counter Top Water Filtration Systems

The best counter top water filtration system available on the market is the Cuckoo CP-MN031BK Direct Flow Countertop Water System as it takes up very little space in your kitchen, looks attractive, provides clean water at the push of a button, offers multiple layers of filtration, and still adds minerals you need back into your water. Though the price is a little high, it offers the best value and the right amount of options and technology to give you the best water without messing with the plumbing!

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