The 5 Best Entryway Storage Benches Reviewed

Strangely, the hallway is the first thing that people ignore in a house. Think about it: people view houses and look for the kitchen or the bathroom first.

The thing is, the entryway is the first area that people see on arrival, and making an entrance is so important for people coming in and out of your home.

First impressions really do matter, and you want your entryway to be clean, peaceful and beautiful above everything else.

You also want the entryway to reflect your style. After all, it’s your house, right? You want it to be grand and make people feel like they are welcome when they walk in the door.

Refresh Your Entrance

An entryway bench with storage is one that is immediately welcoming – especially if you have a ‘no shoes’ policy in your home. The proper entryway decor can make people feel welcome instantly, and with an entryway bench, you can do exactly that whilst providing an ample, practical storage solution.

It’s the perfect way to provide an extra seating space with storage at the same time, which means that an entryway bench can help you to give that amazing impression. A storage bench also means that you can save space in such a small area of the home.

There are a lot of entryway storage benches that you can choose from, with simple and minimal or intricate and elegant to choose from.

The entryway of your house is the first thing that people see, and while you’re thinking about the best decor to make it look fresh and lively, you’re likely going to need to provide a space that’s more than just good to look at.

Storage benches are perfect for the kids to dump their stuff when they come in the door. They provide a space for shoes and bags, and even a place to put your keys. They provide storage, a shoe rack and a place to sit while you get your shoes on in the morning.

The kind of storage bench that you need will depend on the size of your family and the needs of your home. Choosing the right style and the right color is really going to matter.

So, with all these benefits in mind, check out some of the products that are out there right now that you’re missing out on.

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The Best Entryway Storage Benches

When it comes to benches with storage for your front hall, there are a lot to choose from. Here are the benches that made our short list:

1. Simpli Home Amherst Solid Wood Entryway Storage Bench

Making a good first impression has never been easier than with the Amherst Storage Bench. It allows your inner designer to shine through, creating storage and seating for your entryway. Not only do you get the chance to have added storage for winter clothing, boots and shoes, you get a stylish place to sit while you get ready in the morning. It’s also a good way to minimize clutter in a small space. It features a flip-up lid for easy storage and retrieval, so you can get easy access to your belongings without much effort

The dark brown wooden finish is sealed with premium NC Lacquer Coating and can blend to most interior designs. Your home will have a classy look without much effort – this piece of furniture can completely transform your morning routine as well as your decor in the home. There’s a very distinctive raised panel in the front, and the X pattern back allows this bench to stand out. It’s handcrafted, so you can tell that there’s been a lot of care put into it. Those with children will appreciate the child safety lid hinge to prevent trapped fingers and slow-close abilities to ensure that no one gets hurt. It’s wide enough to sit two people, which means when you’re getting the kids ready for school in the morning, there’s space for all.

2. Winsome Wood MilanWood Storage Bench

Elegant and versatile, this is an entryway bench that is perfectly functional and welcomes you home. Transforming the look of your entryway has never been easier than with the Winsome Wood MilanWood storage bench. The 3 wired baskets live underneath to hold bags and shoes efficiently in one place – there is no more hunt the scarf before work in the morning! The bench is delivered ready to assemble, so get out your DIY skills and get ready to have fun building up a bench that can be used by all.

It has a solid wood finish in antique walnut stain, so this bench is going to suit most decor types in the entryway. You’ll love the built in storage shelf, handy for lunch boxes and bags, or somewhere to put slippers for warm toes when you take your outdoor shoes off. You can put all your seasonal accessories in one place with this stylish seating option. It may be a wooden option, but it’s a comfortable 40” width bench that is comfortable to sit on to remove shoes. All hardware is included, so it’s time to roll those sleeves up!

3. Linon Home Decor Cynthia Storage Bench

Creating any new seating and storage for your foyer isn’t always easy given the sheer range of choice, but what you need is an attractive and functional entryway seating option that suits the whole family while it looks good at the same time. The walnut finish enhances the overall look of the bench, blending to your interior design style with easy and the slat back and sides will complement the color scheme that you choose. It comes with a flip top lid under the seat, giving you a comfortable place to sit while enjoying discreet storage of shoes and seasonal clothing.

The beautiful wooden finish make for a stylish addition to any mudroom or entryway. You sometimes just need an extra storage item that looks good, and this is something that can sit in the mudroom, foyer or simply by the front door to give you extra storage for your outdoor wear.

4. Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood Entryway Storage Bench

Making a first impression has never been more breathtaking than with this solid storage bench. This bench allows your inner interior designer to come through, creating added storage and seating options for your home. There’s nothing more beautiful than coming home to a beautifully designed storage bench and form follows function with this storage bench, and there are three enclosed storage compartments for your practical use.
It’s designed to be comfortable and relaxed with a rustic style, with brushed nickel knobs and square tapered legs. It blends into most entryway and mudroom settings. A wise choice for home furnishing, it can sit two people comfortably while removing and putting on winter gear and shoes. The best bit? It’s narrow enough to fit into most entryways, so even if your space is small it’ll do you well. The finish has a durable NC lacquer top coat that has been added onto something already handcrafted with care. This bench has been made from solid, plantation grown pine and includes three shaker style doors. The large internal storage area with shelves is perfect to keep your things organised.

5. Winsome Dayton Storage Hall Bench with Shelves

This is a shoe bench that has an elegant style and is perfect for use as an entryway organizer for your shoes. It’s constructed entirely of solid wood, and while it will look beautiful in your entryway, you will have to put it together yourself. It does ship in one box and with all the hardware that you need to create something beautiful and it looks classic in your entryway.

You can sit comfortably to put shoes on, or you can sit and wait for the cab or for a ride to work, either way, it’s the perfect storage box with plenty of functions. There’s enough storage space for the whole family, and with three shelves, there’s always going to be room to spare. Use the top as a key holder and mail storage – even add a vase of flowers.

The Benefits Of An Entryway Bench

It’s such a welcome, adding a bench to the front door. For a detached home, an exterior bench can be really inviting, but one on the inside is another level of comfort. You end up with a functional entry that just looks graceful and well designed, which is precisely the impression that you want to make when people come into your home. Here are some of the benefits of an entryway bench:

  • You can sit on it to remove and put on shoes.
  • It’s a quiet, comfortable place to sit while you wait for a ride.
  • It’s the best place for packages and bags rather than leaving them all over the floor.
  • You can really establish an entrance routine for you and the children, allowing you a place to store your belongings.
  • No more hand prints on the walls when you’re taking shoes off!

Hallway seating stops you from sitting on the stairs to get ready, as people are going up and down those through the day and you will get in the way. An entryway bench provides you with a practical and simple solution to make your routine easier – which is something you didn’t even know you needed until now.

DIY Entryway Storage Bench Video

If you are handy at building, here is a great YouTube video showing how you can build your own storage bench:

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