Top Faucet Water Filters Reviewed

There is nothing worse than nasty tasting water.

Unfortunately, many of the filtering options to turn tap water from terrible to tasty either require a major installation project or are too inconvenient to use.

Thankfully, there is a way to get filtered water without sacrificing space in your fridge or under your sink.

Try a water faucet water filter instead and save space.

This option is often more affordable than even the water pitcher filters with little maintenance.

Find the best water filter below to attach to your faucet for clean water for cooking, drinking, or washing.

Best Faucet Water Filter

With so many different brands of sink faucet filters out there, choosing the right one for your needs can mean lots of time spent researching your options. To help you save time and frustration, we offer our picks for the best faucet water filters:

1. Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

The high-end Engdenton Faucet Water Filter comes in stainless steel and promises to not crack or leak for a long life. Easy flowing water available at the push of a tab will appeal to most buyers. No waiting for water as this filter provides 8.5 ounces per minute, which is a nice flow-rate.

If you are using the sink for dishes, choose either filtered water or tap-water without the filter to avoid shortening the life of the filter. The filter uses an activated carbon fiber filtration technology to reduce bacterial growth, remove chlorine, dirt, sand, dust, and improve the taste. It does not reduce TDS (link back to the water pitcher article). Also, the filter lasts for up to 320 gallons of water or about six months.

The best feature overall is you can adjust the location of the rather bulky filter as it adjusts to fit in front, back or side of your faucet to wash larger dishes easily. Use caution when washing though, as bumping into the filter tank often can reduce the sturdiness. Great for drinks, washing veggies or fruit, or for cooking.

Finally, installation is a breeze as you simply twist on to your existing faucet. Check before buying as this option does not work with every faucet style and some faucets may need extra washers while others might need an adapter to fit the filter tank on the faucet. If your faucet is the wrong type, you will experience leaks and issues, so check first before buying.

2. ESOW Faucet Mount Water Filter

The sleek designed ESOW Faucet Water Filter attaches to your current faucet to provide exceptional drinking water with high-grade stainless steel for the 7th generation Japanese UF and ACF filter. This model comes with a shorter filter life as this one only lasts about three months depending on use. The unique shape though, may work be better for many owners as the shape takes up less space and tapers better.

A stainless mesh over the top of the faucet helps to remove more sediments along with the 7-layer ultrafiltration filter membrane which uses standard water pressure to remove problems. The filter removes a plethora of contaminants including viruses, bacteria, microbial, chloroform, carcinogens, chlorine, and more. This model comes certified to remove 99% of lead, 92% of certain pesticides, and 96% of mercury for safe, odor-free drinking water.

The filter tank offers tons of value with stainless steel, a dedicated pour spout, and 90 degrees of rotation to get the filter where you need it out of the way. Use the filter or tap water with a flip of a switch. Install with a standard faucet easily without tools for a leakproof faucet filter. Once set up you can expect clean water in a minute once you rise the filter. Check your faucet to make sure it works with this system.

3. PowMax Water Faucet Filtration System

Instead of a filter that points down, this water filter faucet tank by PowMax points to the side to cause less interference between you and your water. Like most faucet filters, this one works with standard faucets only and not with hand-held’s, pull-outs, or spray style faucets. This filter provides clean drinking water with a bit of color too as it comes in a very visible teal blue.

Those who want to help others while improving their water will love that the company provides water to a child in need for every filter purchased. Also enjoy an activated carbon filter to remove contaminants including lead, fluoride, and chlorine for top-notch drinking or cooking water while inhibiting bacterial growth. While fluoride is great for teeth, it can cause several health complications in several other parts of the body which is why fluoride should not stay in water.

Installing the filter simply means screwing it into the current faucet for water on tap and provides double the flow-rate of the options above as it can fill two cups in a minute. Switch between tap water or filter water by flipping the switch. With the unique design, visible color and ease of use this filter has no issues and comes with a great price.

4. AMOYEE Water Faucet Filter System

The Amoyee Faucet Filter looks a lot like the Esow filter above with a smaller price tag and uses a different filtration system. It filters with an accuracy of 0.01 micron to inhibit the growth of many contaminants without taking up tons of space and works more accurately at 500 times of an ordinary ceramic filter and 10 times better than an ACF filter. Since clean waters the point, you want the best filter possible.

This water filtration system uses technology to remove lead, chlorine, dirt, sand, rust, and many other unnecessary elements in your drinking water. With stainless steel, you can expect no cracking, deformities, rust, corrosion resistance, or leakage so you just have water available when you need it. All this with access to both tap and filtered water at the flip of a switch.

Like the other options above, this system is easy to install and works with all standard faucets. Filters are easy to replace and the replacement depends on how much you use the water but can last up to 6 months. If you want to cut down on costs, only use the filter for water for drinking, cooking, or washing food. Do not use it to wash dishes unless you have hard water or concerns. Also, allow water to pass through the filter for at least a minute before use to remove alcohol and other residual impurities.

Finally, the system comes with fabulous reviews and very few problems. So the system can remove many contaminants from water including odor and taste issues, those with terrible water may find the taste is still off. Consider testing your water and purchasing and under the sink or a whole house water filtration system if this is an issue for you (link back to the other articles).

5. Faucet Water Filter, Hima Tap Water Purifier

The Hima Faucet Filter comes with an elegant blue label with important information quickly accessible and a beautiful font for the model name Shuilhengfang which sounds either German or like a brand of teeth for a werewolf but the filter actually comes from India. Though, I wouldn’t let werewolves into the house to drink your filtered water. Either way, it may provide for some interesting conversations with family and friends.

The package comes with everything you need including a plastic case, the switch, a transfer interface, hex connectors, adapters, and gaskets. Filters need to be changed every 3 to 6 months depending on how often you use the filter. Unfortunately, with this system you will have a little extra work every two weeks you need to wipe down the filter with sandpaper but it comes with a very low cost and a well-loved system.

The filter removes mini impurities including heavy metals, chlorine, while also reducing scale and softening your water for improved taste and health. Most faucet filters do not improve hard water like this one. Of course, you can extend the life of your filter by washing dishes with the tap-water at the flip of a switch. No need to rinse the filter before your first use either which makes your life a little easier. The study design keeps the filter in place on one side of the faucet for easy use.

Lastly, a few customers had issues with leaks avoid this by checking everything is securely fitted into the correct spot. Again, only use this faucet filter for standard sinks. It includes an eight-layer magic filter that uses a layer of ceramics, tone, alkaline balls, tourmaline, and other methods to reduce contaminants completely. It’s made of plastic those it looks like steel to reduce weight for weak faucets.

6. WaterQueen NSF/ANSI Standard 42 Water Faucet Filter

The WaterQueen System comes guaranteed to meet all 42 NSF/ANSI standard requirements with an upgraded ACF filtration system. With super absorbent activated carbon fiber material you get fast filtering speed and high efficiency for cleaner healthier water and no concerns about quality. It also includes a space-saving design with the double drain port just switch between tap and filtered water.

What you will love most is the lifespan of the filter cartridges which is 6 to 12 months doubling even the longest filter on this list. You can install the system easily as the set comes with multiple interfaces to meet different needs, so you make sure that yours is one of the acceptable options before purchasing. Your system may require a gasket inside the adapter to ensure that the faucet will not leak. Also, no tools needed to install on standard sinks.

If your sink is white instead of steel, then you may prefer this option as it comes with a plastic white filter tank. It also improves taste and smell while reducing contaminants and softening water. This also keeps beneficial materials while removing harmful materials. Use tap water for cleaning and filtered for food and drink. Lastly, the system comes highly rated and removes fluoride, iron, rust, chlorine, many other contaminants.

7. Lelekey Water Faucet Filtration System

Filter your water with eight layers of recyclable technology with the Lelekey Water Faucet Filtration System. It uses 100% food-grade materials to keep your body healthy. Just attach the system to your standard size faucet turn on the filter and drink healthy. You can also use a system to wash for some vegetables, wash dishes, or used for cleaning processes like hand washing or face washing.

The system uses ABS material which is resistant to corrosion and high heat and is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly with valuable durability that will not crack or deform. Choose between using the filter or your tap with a quick switch. The classic visible window lets you know if the filter is working or ready to be cleaned or replaced. You may need to clean out the filter element every 7-10 days and the filter every 3 to 6 months depending on how much water you use.

Installation is easy as you do not need to modify your kitchen sink. The filter moves around to where you need it to have full use of your space. It also absorbs 10-12 better at absorbing unhealthy elements found in water. It flows really well too, providing full cups of water in no time at all. All contaminates will come out with the 0.05um precision ceramic filter which removes rust, sediments, metals, chlorine, odors and so much more. It comes with several adaptors and tools to maintain the set.

8. WEIEN Advanced Water Faucet Filtration System

The WEIEN Water Filter System attaches to your faucet and uses eight layers of elements to reduce contaminants in your water. This set comes with two filters and the standard two outlet design for both tap water and filtered water. Each filter includes a life span of up to 6 months depending on your usage.

All eight layers of filtration technology work together to give you pure, beautiful drinking water. Of the eight layers, water filters through ceramic, stone, mineral particles, KDF55, crystal, calcium sulfate, and activated carbon, and an ABS food-grade filter. With all of those elements working together to reduce harmful ingredients in your water you can be sure you’re providing better quality water for food, drinking, and even washing. Although, if you want to increase the lifespan of your filter, then do not use it for washing.

What’s really need about this system is the visible filter cartridge and BPA free design. The transparent appearance keeps the filter visible for easy filter replacement well looking elegant in your kitchen or bathroom. Enjoy up to 320 gallons of clean fresh water before you need to replace the filter. Also, this has the fastest water flow rate at one cup in just five seconds. Now that’s fast!

You do not need any extra tools to install the sleek faucet filter and the company provides seven adapters to fit most standard water faucets without any leaks. Check your faucet style before purchasing any faucet mount filter. Also, find sandpaper inside the box for any corrosion. The filtration system removes iron, mercury, lead, and asbestos along with many other contaminants. To avoid leaks ensure you have properly fitted all the pieces and use washers when needed for a proper seal.

9. WINGSOL Faucet Water Filter

The next option, the WingSol Filter, is so well-liked it has runs out of stock occasionally, but don’t worry, more will be available in less than two weeks to filter your water and provide clean water for your entire family. Depending on the size and shape of your faucet, this set can position to be completely out of your way when using the sink with a stainless steel tank to house the filter.

Made in Japan, the 360-degree movable faucet filter removes chlorine, dust, dirt, sand, and many more contaminants without sacrificing using your tap water without the filter. You can set up quickly without tools on all standards faucets too. Also, get tons of water in just seconds after installation with 3 liters per minute.

Finally, the stainless steel prevents cracking and leaking when properly installed with the included adapters. It also has two different filter options including a PAC (07VN3PD6H) or a ceramic filter (B07DVD7FB6) giving you more options. You may need a little white plumbing tank depending on the age of your faucet, otherwise, you will love the tasteful, odorless water this filter produces.

10. DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet Water Filter

DuPont is a name you can trust and now they offer faucet mount drinking water filters. This system meets all NSF/ANSI standards to match their name quality. Each filter has a 100-gallon capacity to last for about three months depending on your usage. It also improves the pH balance of your water for up to 8.5 pH and comes with a 0.45 GPM flow rate.

The system reduces up to 99% of contaminants including lead, chlorine, cysts, mercury, asbestos, chlorine, turbidity, VOC’s and chemicals. The chrome faucet attaches easily to the sink, at least standard sinks, with a high-performance filtration system convenient to use. It improves both the odor, taste, and clarity of your drinking water. The filter works and four phases, proprietary ingredients, high-quality carbon, sediment reduction, and product protection.

A few customers complained about leaks and no difference in their taste of water. However, the taste depends largely on your local water and what is in the water. Faucet filtration systems do not remove as many contaminants as under the sink filtration systems or a whole house filtration system. To avoid leaks, ensure a proper fit and use washers or gaskets to prevent leaking.

Questions About Water Faucet Filtration Systems

What counts as a standard faucet?

A standard faucet means it comes in the typical size available usually around 3/8 of an inch in diameter. Some extra styled or specialized faucets will not accommodate faucet filtration systems. If your faucet comes in a unique size or shape, it will not work. You also cannot use the system on hose faucets or spray faucets.

Can I run hot water through a faucet filter?

Running hot water through a filter runs down the elements and decreases its effectiveness so it is not recommended to use hot water in the filter. This is another reason why you should use tap water to wash dishes so you will not reduce the life span of your filter. If you want clean hot water for dishes or shower, you may want to consider a whole house water filtration system instead so your water can get clean before it heats up in your water heater.

How can I prevent my children from handling the filter roughly?

Children break stuff including important and often expensive household necessities. I have three children and I often take the approach of placing the burden of responsibility on their shoulders with upfront knowledge. Basically, I sit them down once a new item comes into the home and make my expectations clear on how to treat the item.

For a water faucet-mount filtration system, I would make sure they know up front not to use hot water with the filter on and not to use the filter unless its for drinking or cooking. I would also show them how to move the mount slowly without shifting the whole item in a precarious manner. Teach them the importance of the item before they use it with clear demonstrations of proper use to avoid a broken or leaking filter.

Is A Faucet Water Filter Difficult To Install?

Installing a water filter onto your faucet is a fairly easy process and only requires minimal time and effort. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how to install one of the units in our roundup:

Wrapping Up Water Faucet Filtration Systems

The Engdenton Faucet Water Filter meets all of your needs in a water filtration system and comes highly reviewed and recommended. It moves, takes up only necessary space and provides clean water with minimal effort. Now go forth and drink healthy as you provide your family with safer water. Do remember not to use the filter for hot water as it can damage your system and require a new filter faster for fabulous drinking water.

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