The 5 Best Kitchen Knife Sets Reviewed

Great, sharp kitchen knives are essential in not just the professional’s kitchen, but in any equip kitchen. Quality knives and sharpeners quicken the food preparation process by allowing you to cut with ease, and they are also safer to use. Dull knives require excessive force, making it easier to lose control and cause injury. Creating a clean, safe cut every time is important to any person who spends time making meals.

Buying the right sets and sharpeners can be not only expensive, but also a bit overwhelming to a person with little experience in the kitchen. With the cooking amateur in mind, we’ve completed a list of the best knives and sharpeners to appease the expert chef in all of us!

Best Kitchen Knife Sets

1. Ginsu 7108 Chikara Stainless Steel Knife Set

These hand wash only knives have rounded Japanese-style handles.  Their resin composition and rust-resistant stainless blades make them heat and water-resistant, thus, maintaining a sharper edge for longer.

2. Chicago Cutlery Stainless Steel Fusion Knife Block Set

These high carbon stainless steel knives have a harder blade that is resistant to stains and rust.  The set’s taper grind edge design offers optimum sharpness, and the cushioned grip provides a non-slip texture that is comfortable and ergonomic.

3. Miracle Blade III Perfection Series Cutlery Set

This set of knives comes with a tips and guide book that is jammed back with advice. The German stainless-steel blades reportedly never dull. Their handles are slip-free and safe.

4. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Knife Block Set

This collection is aesthetically pleasing because it has a tempered glass block. Each piece is high-quality German steel, features no-stain blades and non-slip handles.

5. J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio Block Set

The J.A. Henckels block set includes 18 pieces that have stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles. Their clean black and steel appearance coupled with the wooden block is a nice addition to any kitchen.

No matter how you slice it (pun intended) you’ll need both a knife set and a sharpener in your kitchen. Even if you purchase the finest knives on the market, they’ll need some maintenance every now and again. Since the best knives are also the sharpest, make your selections wisely!

Maintaining Your Kitchen Knives

You’ve spent a bunch of money buying the ultimate cutting tools; don’t throw them in the dishwasher. After excess exposure to heat, water and detergents your blades will wear and dull quickly.  Instead, take the time to clean each piece by hand with soap and water. You’ll maintain the quality of your knives longer, as well as the sharpness of the blade.

Here is a good video demonstrating how to sharpen different kitchen knives:

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