Top Reverse Osmosis Systems Reviewed

Though the words reverse osmosis seem intimidating, they simply explain the process of water filtering. The system pushes water using pressure through membranes and filters to force undesirable contaminants onto the filter and out of your water. What’s left are dramatically fewer unwanted elements in your water so you can drink or cook with clean water.

Mind you, reverse osmosis works by removing everything and you will lose valuable substances such as magnesium and calcium. Don’t worry though, a reverse osmosis system provides you a great base to add back in the minerals you want to keep on your terms with full control over the process. A few of the options even provide a remineralizing filter to solve this problem and save you effort. We compiled all of the best options and did the hours or research to give you a list of the best options in one article.

Best Reverse Osmosis Systems

1. GREATWELL 400 GPD Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The first option gives you a sleek, elegant god box to store under your sink. As all of the components of the Greatwell Tankless System stay inside the box, it takes up less space under your sink and installs easier than most of the other systems. You don’t need a plumbing degree to follow the simple video and do-it-yourself to install the system.

As the filters come pre-installed, once you follow the multiple steps to install the water lines, you’re done. The electric system uses easy to read buttons to tell you when it’s working and when to changes filters. Even changing the filters is easy with the custom ports and lock in bar. Even your children could change these filters with a quick setup lesson. Also, no massive tank stealing more space from where you store your cleaning supplies.

A PAC composite filter offers a 3-in-1 carbon wrap filter that combines two polypropylene sediment filters with a carbon filter for three economical stages to clean your water and save you space under the sink. The filters work in unison to remove sand, dust, chlorine, odor, smell, bacteria, hormones, asbestos, giardia, viruses, arsenic, and almost a thousand more for three years. Now you can have 40 ounces of purified water in one minute using the high efficiency 1.5:1 drain ration. The final filter polishes water for taste and odor.

Everything comes tested and certified to keep your water safe and healthy. It comes with a drinking water faucet without reducing the water flowing to your sink for dishes or larger water needs. Finally, it has a dramatically smaller amount of connecters than some of the more traditional RO systems and can bear 200,000 times of water hammer test. All this without leaking!

Finally, you may find the unit a little noisy and it may reduce water pressure depending on each home. No other system will look as nice or take up less space with plug-in-play filters like this system. Also, the price is a little high but think of all the system offers for the low price especially considering the filters last for years.

2. Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The Express Water System removes harmful contaminants from your drinking water with reverse osmosis but does not add minerals back into the system. If you want minerals replaced, you will need to find another method. Do not feed your plants with water from a reverse osmosis system as soil needs minerals.

Installing the system is a cinch. The easy to follow design makes installation easy to understand especially since the filters make identification easy with bold lettering and colors so you always put the right filter in the correct place. This system also includes a large tank to clean your drinking water.

The system uses five purifying stages, the first filter clears away sediments. Each of the next two stages uses carbon to clean away chlorine, volatile organic chemicals, and odor-causing compounds. The fourth stage cleans up annoying contaminants like lead, fluoride, radium, arsenic, and more. Stage five filters out anything left leaving a crisp, delightful flavor without a trace of odor, just the way water should be!

Though the set takes up a lot of space under your kitchen sink, it comes with its own faucet for quick access to drinking water so you don’t have to use the filters for dishes unless you choose. The system comes with an extra set of filters to save you a little money and worry too. Make sure to mark your calendar for future changes after the first year.

3. NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe Water Filter System

Large families or those with chronic guests should consider purchasing the Nu Aqua Deluxe Water System. It offers five stages of water purification and it also produces 100 gallons of water per day with a 4-gallon tank, which is large enough for 6 or more people and constant water refills. It uses reverse osmosis with HydraCoil technology for 50% cleaner water compared to equivalent systems.

The five stages remove up to 99% of harmful substances from water including, copper, bacteria, viruses, sulfates, cadmium, chlorine, asbestos, barium, fluoride, cyanide, radium, and so much more. Though, this setup also removes important nutrients such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Ensure you and your family have another source of these important minerals.

It works by using three stages to remove particles. The first state removes dirt, rust, and sand. Stage two eliminates rust, sludge, color, pesticides, and odor with a carbon filter. The last stage removes chlorine, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds with a carbon filter. Next comes to stages of water polishing to dissolve solids like salt and remove any residual odors or tastes.

If your household is experiencing low water pressure, this is the model for you as a pre-installed booster pump improves pressure while filtering out contaminants. Lastly, install the system with ease, meaning you don’t need a plumbing degree to put the system in your home as it includes a with a DVD with step-by-step instructions.

4. Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The award-winning Waterdrop Filtration system offers a tankless option with several smart features that make this a serious contender for other reverse osmosis systems. You get three filters in the box to make the mid-range price more palatable. That’s not all, my friends.

This tankless system saves you a ton of space under your sinks so you don’t need to find a completely new space for your cleaning products. The reverse osmosis technology uses an accuracy of 0.0001 um to remove everything you want out of your water and many things you have never heard of! All this with a tank size of only 5.7 inches for a truly slim body.

Don’t wait for your water, with this system you get 400 gallons per day with a flow rate of 1:1. It also saves you money as it reduces water waste by 300% to truncate your water bills. The small size allows you to connect under your sink or to the refrigerator. But the best feature is the filter lights on the included faucet. No need to open the cabinet and look at the system to know if its time to change the filter with the unique light-up system.

Drop the three cartridge filters into the plug-in-play spots in just seconds and allow the three stages to work their magic. Say adios to chlorine, scale, turbidity, carcinogens, metals, micro-organic contaminants, hundreds of other pollutants. Though, this system does not replace any of the minerals you may want in your water. Otherwise, the system is slightly difficult to install but has no other concerns.

5. APEC Top Tier Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

If you prefer a traditional system with a quality name in the water filtration system world, try the APEC Top Tier Supreme for 6-stages of filtration for a high-performance system and includes a separate faucet for drinking water. Remove over a thousand contaminants from your water with this worry-free setup.

Save your money and your health with access to unlimited clean water that tastes delicious without tons of nasty, unnecessary additives. The system comes certified and tested by WQA to remove undesirable elements from your water. Out goes arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, and so much more. This system also enhances the

The first stage of filtration uses a polypropylene sediment filter to remove dust, rust, and particles Stages 2 and 3 use carbon to get rid of odors, tastes, cloudiness, and color. These stages also remove VOC and other chemicals for better water. The other stages remove the rest of the contaminants with the reverse osmosis and a coconut shell filter. It also remineralizes your water in stage six to replace what you need to the water.

All this for years of clean water with a durable system and fast water flow. You do have to find a new space for a lot of your current under-the-sink products as the tank takes up space. Install yourself easily to save a little more money. Depending on your local water, you may experience low water pressure. Finally, do not use this or most system on well water. Make sure you check before using any system for well water.

6. METPURE Versatile Water Filtration System

The MetPure Quick Twist Filter Water Filtration System utilizes four stages of filtration to clean water. It does so while still allowing for easy installation, operation, and a quick twist filter replacement. This is a low maintenance easy-to-use way to clean your water and ensure your family’s health.

Stage one removes sediment compounds, rust, and dirt. The next stages remove chlorine, tastes, organic compounds, and carbon with a composite carbon and PP filter. The third filter uses reverse osmosis membrane to reduce 99% of impurities including lead, mercury, cysts, and more. The last filter uses coconut shell granulated carbon to remove any impurities leftover.

Each tube comes with a visible color-coded label to make changing filters a breeze. With an NSF certified premium 3.2-gallon metal RO water storage tank, you get plenty of space to clean water for drinking, cleaning dishes, or even cooking. Don’t worry about installing as the company offers videos to help improve the installation process and reduce the time it takes. Everything you need comes in the box including a 2-year warranty.

7. Reverse Osmosis Revolution Whole House Water Filtration System

Neutralize your water with the Reverse Osmosis Revolution System. This powerful 2 stage purification system comes with a year’s supply of filters to make your life easier and cut down costs. A very economical option ready to give you great tasting water without an astronomical cost. Though, it does not offer a way to remineralize your water just like the majority of the options.

You need to change the filters every three months and remember to add it to your calendar so you don’t forget and end up with bad water again. The first filter uses micron sediments to collect dust, dirt, silt, sand, rust, and scale particles. This helps to extend the system’s life too for a bonus. The second filter uses a carbon block to remove chlorine and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pesticides, and industrial solvents. These steps combine to provide healthy and clean water for drinking.

As you need to install the set yourself, everything you need to install comes included in the box including a wrench. Find complete instructions for setup or hire a professional if you feel you won’t be able to install it comfortably yourself. It installs at your main water source to work for all of your water from showering, cooking, drinking or for use in your appliances.

Finally, all systems can leak if the connections aren’t properly installed. Use washers or o-rings to prevent leaking although this system may leak from the pressure button as well. If chlorine is a problem in your area you may need to skip this option and use a three or more staged filter for improved odor and flavor.

8. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Under Sink Filter System

The iSpring Filter System offers a high capacity option to improve your water for crystal clear drinking water as this installs under your kitchen sink. With six stages of filtration, you can be sure your family has the cleanest water possible. It’s also a great option for people with chlorinated water too.

It can remove over 1,000 contaminants including fluoride, arsenic, hormones, asbestos, viruses, bacteria, chlorine, and lead all of which you want gone. Because the reverse osmosis removes everything, it makes the water acidic up to a pH of 7.0 or below. To fix the problem, they add a sixth stage which is an alkaline remineralization filter to restore minerals and balance the alkalinity of the water.

The set includes a drinking faucet made of heavy-duty brass with a ceramic disc valve and brushed nickel finish. This works well with the six stages of filtration which are the PP sediment, GAC, CTO, RO membrane, post-carbon, and the pH filter we discussed. All these steps lead to removing problems and adding back in essential elements.

Lastly, the leak-free system offers support videos for the installation process. If you still have problems, call their live support team for assistance. Also, most of the filters last for six to twelve months before you need to replace them.

9. Brondell RO Circle Reverse Osmosis System

Then try the Brondell RO Circle Reverse Osmosis System. This water-saving smart technology eliminates back pressures to may the Circle ten times more efficient than most RO systems. Now, while this system utilizes a tank, it’s an all-in-one system that cuts down on the space you will use under your sink. Of course, it comes with a designer faucet for drinking water too.

You also get four stages of filtration in a sleek black box to clean up your water like a little water maid you don’t have to pay monthly! This system forces our or dramatically reduces industrial and harmful chemicals from your water. Out go led, chlorine, fluoride, chromiums, arsenic, barium, radium, cadmium, copper, cysts, and so many more contaminants you don’t want to drink or eat.

With smart valves and a flexible water tank, you get the maximum efficiency for your water thanks to the circular RO filter system. The system auto flushes the RO membrane to improve the life expectancy of the device and save you money on costly filters. A flexible reservoir expands and contracts provide optimal and consistent flow rates without pumps or costly electricity usage. This translates to less wasted water and a rapid refill rate for water when you need it and fast!

Last of all, some people with water pressure issues may need to purchase a separate pressure pump. As the water needs to filter, any system has the potential to slow down pressure, however, your house setup plays a role which is why not all customers find the pressure causes issues. Installation is easy and even amateurs should not require the assistance of a plumber.

10. Aquasure Premier Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The Aquasure System provides a premium unit for clean water for your whole family. It’s designed to provide great water with minimum maintenance on your part with a traditional layout and four stages of filtration. It removes undesirables in your water without making your wallet cry.

Though this model offers a traditional design it adds in a few advantages for easy installation and maintenance including simplified filter changes. Just twist your wrist and the filter comes out and a new one goes in. Stickers help you know you are putting the right filter in the right slot and let you know which does what.

The four filters work as a team to remove up to 99% of arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, lead, virus and over a thousand more contaminants. You get yummy drinking water without all the nasty stuff no one should drink! The company claims all this along with 75 gallons per day and a 2 times faster system.

Finally, you get a simple layout with a tank to install under your sink including leak-proof shutoff valves, flow-lock, shok-block protection and more from the NSF certified system. It includes a faucet for your drinking water too. Measure your under-sink space as this system may be too large for some kitchens as it measures 15.5 x 5.5 x 16 inches.

Questions About Reverse Osmosis Systems

How can I put trace minerals back into the water?

Two of the options above provide remineralization options for those who don’t want to worry about extra parts or installations. Those who want to control the minerals returned to their water will want to find a mineral-rich salt like Himalayan salt by adding a little to their food or water. If you prefer, you can use mineral drops for your water.

You can add in a pH level with a filter of your choice to remineralize your water. Another option includes using an alkaline pitcher to up the mineral contention in water. Finally, you can increase the minerals in your diet by adding to food or taking multi-vitamins tailored to your specific needs.

Is a whole house reverse osmosis system an option?

If you have extremely bad water you can use this option or if you or someone in your home has a poor immune system, otherwise they are not the best option as they are expensive to run to clean all of the houses in your water. Otherwise, these systems for the whole house are not a necessity and are a bit overkill. A whole-house system would take up a lot more room in your home and require a lot of extra work in treatments to raise the pH balance back to an alkaline level.

We did add one option to the list for those families who believe this to be a necessity in their lives. Those with a weakened immune system benefit the most as they need fewer contaminants entering the largest organ: their skin. Most whole-house options can reduce contaminants with less expense and maintenance without complete reverse osmosis.

Here is a good YouTube video showing how to install a reverse osmosis system system:

Are Reverse Osmosis systems good for the environment?

Though a reverse osmosis system produces a little wastewater to flush out contaminants out of the system, it does reduce your family’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of plastic bottles and filters you need to purchase to keep your water clean.

Wrapping Up Reverse Osmosis Systems

The best reverse osmosis system is the GREATWELL 400 GPD Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System as it provides tons of space under your sink, doesn’t use a tank and gives you great water flow for a mid-range price. Not only does it have very few issues, but it also looks gorgeous with a sleek gold box and drinking water faucet. It comes fully tested and makes changing filters so easy a child could change them while still making it easy to know when to change the filter. Everything about this system offers value and ease to make your life easier with a pure glass of water when ever you get thirsty.

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