Best Water Bottle With a Built-In Filter

If you travel a lot and need clean water where you go then you are in the market for a water bottle with a built-in filter.

These bottles can cut down on the cost of bottled water and ensure that no matter what water you have access to, you will only have clean water going into your body.

We did the research and compiled the best options on the market today to save you time. Though many assume you only need a filtered water bottle for camping or survival in the wilderness, this isn’t the truth. Anyone who wants to avoid drinking out of a water fountain or even the tap water at work.

Be in charge of your health including the water you put in your body. You have choices and we found all the best options available. Find the one in your price range with the features you are looking for and start living a healthier life.

Best Filtered Water Bottle

There are a number of different water bottles with built-in filters, but some are clearly better than others. To help you sort out the the best from the meh, we offer our picks for the best filtered water bottles:

1. SaverPak RapidPure Water Purifier and Filter Bottle

The first bottle, the SaverPack RapidPure, on the list provides up to a whopping 200 gallons of fresh, clean water that’s safe to drink. The large easy to drink out of bottle holds just over 25 ounces of water in a BPA-free Triton plastic bottle. Not only is the bottle extremely durable and able to withstand impact if dropped, but it’s also made of heat resistant material in an ergonomic shape.

It’s also non-slip and non-scratch with a screw-on base for easy cleaning which you can do in the dishwasher. With a 1.2-liter flow rate per minute, you can have drinking water in minutes. Though, filtered water may be clean it will not be cold. Also, you must drink through the straw on the lid for pure water so you cannot pour the water and receive the benefits.

This purifier bottle removes over 99% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, and protozoans with replaceable filters. It also replaces around 1,500 water bottles which saves you an astronomical amount of money and provide healthier water! It also reduces the amounts of wasted plastic sitting in landfills across the country.

The filter uses a powdered activated carbon filter to reduce contaminants from your water including silt, sediments, chlorine and other chemicals, and heavy metals such as lead and arsenic. Each filter lasts for about 25 gallons of water or about 125 fills. If the water you use has fewer contaminants to filter out, it lasts even longer.

Lastly, this unique filter can be frozen and still work when thawed if you feel this step will help to kill contaminants. It can also reduce fluoride but does not remove all of it from your water. The bottle does not offer a means to monitor when the filter needs to be replaced, you will need to mark it in your calendar.

2. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier And Filter Bottle

Now for campers enjoying nature, the Grayl Bottle is the right choice for you. Take this bottle hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing or for emergencies. You can leave this bottle in your car for unexpected situations.

The bottle is easy to use and fast! Fill it with water, press, then drink. No sucking, pumping, squeezing the bottler or waiting extended periods waiting for the bottle to provide clean water. It uses ultraviolet bulbs or batteries to reduce contaminants and provide you with fresh water in 15 seconds. You can get your water from practically any freshwater source in the world but do not use this filter for saltwater.

Grayl’s filters remove over 99% of viruses including SARS, Hepatitis A, and the Rotavirus. It also cleans out over 99% of bacteria including E. coli, salmonella, and cholera. Also, it removes silt and sediments, along with heavy metals. You are left with zero aftertaste and odors for clean water.

Take this bottle to the airport empty to fill up for long plan rides without the need to buy multiple expensive bottles of water with unknown contaminants. The filter uses three technologies to remove elements including two layers of non-woven ceramic fiber, positively charged mesh ions, and activated carbon. These layers work together to give you the best possible drinking water.

Finally, one filter with the reusable bottle replaces up to 300 water bottles. However, because you have to press the water through the filter, this can become increasingly more difficult to use if it’s clogged. A few customers also complained about the bottle leaking, which is definitely frustrating. The cost was a concern too as it’s a bit pricey.

3. Brita 36387 Premium Water Filter Bottles

If price is a concern, try the Brita Premium Water Filter Bottle as it comes with an extremely fair price. Pick your favorite color from several choices including blues, pinks, orange, clear, and more. Then, let the bottle clear out chlorine to improve the taste and smell of your water bottle.

Instead of stocking up with cold water bottles in a cooler, take this sleek 26-ounce bottle with you and fill up where ever you go. Mind you, this bottle does not remove as many contaminants as some other options. However, this bottle includes several impressive features like an easy-open top with a built-in carry handle. Inside you can find a comfortable drinking straw too.

When it’s ready for a cleaning, toss the bottle in the top rack of your dishwasher. Make sure to remove the filters as that should not go through the machine. The bottle filters up to 40 gallons of water before replacing which depends on your usage. If you use the bottle daily, replace the filter every 2 months.

When you get the filter, shake it vigorously under strong water current for 15 seconds to activate the carbon. It holds 26 ounces of water and comes with one filter and a leak-proof lid. The best feature though is it fits in most car cup holders! Now, that’s helpful!

You may find getting the water out of the bottle a little difficult as the company worked so hard to reduce leaks. Check the opening from the straw to the water is sufficiently open to allow water to come through. Wash the bottle often too as water can cause mold. If you prefer metal, Brita makes a stainless steel option too for just a couple more bucks.

4. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

While the name says LifeStraw, you get the bottle too! It’s a BPA-free water bottle that works great for traveling where ever you go including air travel, hiking, or just traveling in the car. This award-winning bottle comes in a variety of colors so you can find it easier and get a different color for each person you travel with.

The filter uses two stages of activated carbon to filter out odors, chlorine, and other issues in water. Say goodbye to over 99% of waterborne bacteria, protozoan parasites, without chemicals, iodine, or batteries. It holds 23 ounces of water which is just shy of 3 cups of water. Health standards recommend 8 cups of 8 ounces a day and this bottle can help you meet your goal with ease.

Simply add water to the bottle and drink. You will still have to refill filters but this brand only needs replacement ever 1,000 gallons. That’s a whole lot of drinking before changing! Great for water with pesticides, herbicides, and VOC’s as this removes these as well as chlorine.

A few customers complained about leaking bottles though, but many bottles leak and this is a normal problem to experience. At least this bottle costs less and you don’t have to apply pressure to filter. Sucking through the straw is difficult too which is a common theme with filtered water bottles.

Finally, though Triton plastic is durable, the bottle can still break as can all plastic bottles. This one comes with a carabiner ring to attach to baggage, so if you are going through rough areas, don’t use the ring.

5. Joypur Filter Water Bottle

How does a low price and two purifying water bottles sound to you? Even better, the Joypur bottles come with 4 stages of filtration and filters down to 0.01 micron instead of 0.02 like most other filters for even cleaner water no matter how small the contaminant.

Of course, you get to pick your water bottle color but with limited yet beautiful options. Each bottle comes with a screw-on cap with a pull out straw and a cloth ring for easy carry. The bottles are also made of durable plastic to hold 22 ounces of water with a flow rate of 550 ml of water per minute.

The benefits don’t stop there; it includes survival accessories like a compass built into the water bottle lid and a carabiner ring for carrying on a backpack or suitcase. This set also replaces up to 3000 water bottles over the life of one filter. As with all bottles, the company tried to make this one leak proof.

Last of all, the filter uses a standard carbon filter but also uses a medical-grade hollow fiber UF membrane to filter out even the smallest items in your water. Do not put this bottle in the dishwasher or use soap, at least not with the filter in! The bottles themselves are quite affordable, but the replacement filters are nearly as expensive as the bottles themselves.

6. SGODDE Water Filter Bottles

The next bottle, made by Sgodde, comes with a wonderful price and advertises the easiest sucking straw. Since the whole point is to drink clean water, one should hope to pull water out of the straw! The filter comes with a few added benefits too.

First, it comes with a dustproof cap which means when you are on a dusty trail and parched, you can get a clean drink of water. Second, the filter offers two stages of filtration including a high-tech hollow fiber membrane and a coconut activated carbon layer. These stages work together to remove chlorine and improve the taste as well as the odor.

You don’t have to worry about pumps, hoses, squeezing, or batteries to get the bottle to work, just take a few sips to get clean water to flow. One filter can handle 396 gallons of water for about a 6-month life span which is twice the life of the other filters so far. Also, clean the straw with a unique backwash function to remove contaminants.

Store 26 ounces of water in the BPA free bottle made of Triton plastic with a flow rate of 1100 ml per minute. Like the other bottles on the list, do not use with seawater, carbonated beverages, ice water, hot water, or noticeably dirty water. You can expect the sucking to take a bit of work as the water needs to go through 4 layers of filtration.

7. pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Bottle & Carry Case

The pH Revive bottle by Invigorated Water comes with a long sleek easy-to-grip design and a fabric ring to carry on your wrist when running or hiking. What’s really unique about this bottle though, is a cover for the bottle with a zipper pocket for storage.

Though, this comes with a tradeoff as the filter only works for 255 cups or 16 gallons or 1 month which is a dramatic decrease from the other bottles. The filters aren’t cheap either which could mean this isn’t the most cost-effective though it holds 26 ounces, so it’s a bit more than the other options.

This bottle also promises a multi-stage alkaline water filter to increase the healthiness of your water while improving taste and smell. You may not mind the short-life filters as they remove or reduce bad ingredients while adding in good ingredients! Yes, you read that right; the filter removes heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine while adding in magnesium, selenium, and iron.

Check the threading on the lid as some customers found they could not get the lid on because it didn’t line up with the threading on the bottle. Otherwise, you will find this bottle does what it claims, makes you healthy and filters your water. If you have a defective cap, then send it back for a replacement.

8. SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle

The SurviMate Bottle comes in at an even mid-range price ready to keep you in crisp clean water for long hikes or trips out in the middle of the woods. Like the others above, this one comes with BPA-free Triton plastic. It holds about 22 ounces of liquid making it more compact for people with less space to spare.

This bottle only offers two choices for colors, either a brilliant blue or a subtle gray. It comes with four filtering stages with the hollow fiber membrane layer, a coconut shell activated carbon layer, a beads layer, and a medical-grade PP cotton layer to clean out even more contaminants than all the other options so far. It comes with a super long filter life too as it works for up to 396 gallons of water.

Get water from a brook, a pond, or even a puddle if you have to, with this filter bottle. Do not use it for seawater, carbonated drinks, alcohol, hot water, ice water, or industrial polluted water. It takes 5 to 8 sips of water to activate this filter as with most and doesn’t use chemicals, or batteries.

Good news, this filter leaks less than the others above. Do make sure the lid goes on correctly to avoid leakage with this and other bottles. Bad news, the extra clean water may not taste as you imagined. Most people don’t know how water tastes when it’s without all the chemicals and sediments in the water, so the taste can be a bit jarring. A few customers also got defective models that broke quickly.

9. JTTVO Filtered Water Bottle

You will find all the same features in the JTTVO Filtered Water Bottle as the others but with a little finesse and a whale! Don’t worry, not a real whale but an icon that will make your bottle easier to find with the adorable wall on the teal bottle with a white lid with a built-in straw. It comes with a four-layer filter that sets the bar high.

It includes a hollow fiber UF membrane stage, a coconut shell activated carbon stage, a beads stage, and a medical-grade PP cotton stage to remove all the contaminants you don’t want to ingest. It’s time to tell chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals and more to get out of your way so you can drink healthy, clean water.

The filters last for 396 gallons or six months of continuous use before you need to replace them. Like the others, this one claims a leakproof bottle, but the lid has a tiny hole to release pressure so you can actually suck the water out instead of creating a vacuum. To draw the water out suck on it a few times to quench your thirst.

Do not use the filter for saltwater. Also, it holds a compact 22 ounces of liquid but has measurements on the bottle to help you know how much you have drunk for the day. You have to work to get the water out as with most filter water bottles. Otherwise, this bottle will go with you to the lake, camping, or anywhere else you want to go.

10. CrazyCap Deep UV Light Water Filter Cap

We saved the most unique for last. This bottle looks and acts differently than all the rest. What you will love about the Crazy Cap Water Filter is you don’t need to buy any filters to clean your water. The magic is in the cap. Talk about revolutionary technology!

Tap the button on the cap twice to activate the normal mode and in about 60-seconds, the UV light cleans the water in your bottle. You can also tap the button on top five times and to activate crazy mode and completely eliminate all microbes in two minutes. Now, the bottle comes with a cost but remember it’s the easiest of all the bottle to use.

Goodbye to over 99% of bacteria with this portable filter cap. The other filters may hold on to microbial’s, unlike the crazy cap. This cap can also come off the bottle and sanitize other items like your phone or headphones. It also removes viruses and mold. It has a 7-day battery life on one charge and goes with you where ever you go.

Next, the bottle fits more cola top styled insulated bottles by major brands to clean those too. You can only use this cap on stainless steel bottles as you do not want to degrade plastic. This means you can use an insulated bottle for cold water!

This bottle cap can save you thousands of dollars as it can handle half a million treatments in its lifetime. Includes a charger, an extra gasket, wipes, and a manual. As it’s a UV light, it cleans itself too for added value. Mind you, this cap does not include the bottle but you can probably use bottles you already own. Also, know this does not get rid of sediments.

Questions About the Best Water Bottle With a Built-In Filter

Can I store filtered water?

Yes, you can but make sure to keep the bottle away from direct sunlight and to drink the water in one day. Most bottles filter as the water comes out, meaning you cannot get the water out to store, at least not from these bottles above except for the Crazy Cap.

Is it okay to freeze one of these filtered water bottles?

No, you cannot. If you put the filter in the freezer it will ruin the filter. Also, as stated above, the water is filtered as it goes into your mouth.

Do water bottle filters remove important minerals from water?

Most filters do not remove minerals but instead filter out contaminants that can make you sick like viruses and bacteria. Your calcium and magnesium will stay in the bottle! Mind you though, filters often do not remove fluoride or arsenic but do reduce the amounts in the water.

Is it save to put these bottles in the dishwasher?

While the bottle can go in the top rack of the dishwasher, you should hand-wash the cap and do not wash the filter. Check the packaging of your chosen bottle for more precise instructions for that bottle. You can also hand wash the bottle with a little warm water and soap.

If you’ve never seen a filter water bottle in action, here is a good YouTube video demonstrating their use:

Wrapping Up the Best Water Bottle With a Built-In Filter

The best water bottle with a built-in filter is the Crazy Cap. Not only does this bottle kill everything you want dead, but it also keeps the minerals. Even better, it doesn’t require sucking through a straw or other crazy antics to get the water through the filter. Press a button, wait a minute or two, drink clean water from a bottle you already own. No changing filters, just push a button and drink, which makes this the perfect water filtering system.

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