Top Water Filter Pitchers Reviewed

One of the more frustrating issues of living in a city or urban area is lousy tasting tap water.

In many cases people find the water coming from their faucets tastes so bad that they end up installing a whole-home or under sink filter system to combat bad smells and flavors.

But for those with neither the budget nor the desire to take those drastic steps, the easiest low cost, easy maintenance way to get tasty water in your cup is with a water pitcher in your fridge.

Though, this method requires three or four filter changes a year and daily refilling, it offers cold water quickly with a manageable amount of work.

So many people are opting for this solution that more and more companies are introducing filter pitchers to the market.

But what we’ve found is that not all water pitcher filters are created equal.

Best Water Filter Pitchers

Each filter pitcher removes different types and levels of impurities. To help you find the best option to fill your fridge with drinkable water, here are our picks for the best water filter pitchers:

1. Brita 60258360394 Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser

The Brita Ultra Max Dispenser doesn’t have a handle but holds more water than other refrigerator water filter. A sleek clear base allows you to see when it’s time to refill the tank. It fits nicely off to one side of your top shelf so the whole family can reach in, flip the spigot, with built-in flow control, and get a cool drink of water.

A black lid on top comes off easily to fill in the sink. Just turn on the tap and let it fill up, just not right over the filter. Hold up to 18 cups to work for the whole family. Great for filling multiple water bottles for long days away from the house which means your family can replace up to 1,800 bottles a year! That’s a lot of saved money while helping the environment.

Also, the space-saving design has a filter inside you change every three months. No need to add it to your calendar as this pitcher comes with an electronic indicator to let you know when to replace the filter. No pre-soaking or black flecks with these filters that last for 40 gallons of water. It filters out zinc, chlorine, cadmium, copper, and mercury with the carbon filter.

Finally, these filters do not eliminate arsenic or other harmful ingredients like an under-the-sink water filter would. This is the bare minimum of reduction for your water. Some refrigerators may need to remove a shelf to hold this larger container. The spigot can leak, so make sure you flip it up completely to avoid a mess in your fridge. It measures 14.4 x 5.7 x 10.5 inches to fit in most fridges.

2. Stream Rapids Water Filter Pitcher

Smaller families, or families with smaller fridges, may prefer a 10 cup water filter pitcher. What you will love about this filter pitcher is the five-layer filtration system for the purest water taste possible.

Five layers of filtration remove chlorine, odors, suspended particles, pesticides, lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, and aluminum for healthy water for your children. An electronic filter indicator lets you know when it’s time to change your filter. These filters only last 60 days if used daily or 40 gallons of water. Either way, the pitcher fits easily in any fridge with a compact size and can even fit on the door of your fridge.

Another advantage is cup markings on the side of the picture to know how much water is left in the tank. No need to take off the lid to add water either with a water inlet on top. Also, unlike other filter pitchers, this one has short, fat filters instead of long filters to make more space for water. This allows the filter to use both carbon, ion-exchange, and micro nets to remove harmful elements from your water.

Finally, replace up to 320 water bottles or avoid tap water for purer water for your whole family. Some customers found the filter did not remove the claimed amount of elements, follow all the instructions for activating the filters to avoid this issue. Though plastic, this picture is BPA free to keep you healthy. Each tank measures 19.1 x 14.8 x 12.3 inches which is a little on the large size and may not fit small refrigerators.

3. AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

If the last 10 cup water filter didn’t appeal to you, check out the AqualBliss BPA-free Filter Pitcher as it has a longer-lasting filter with a four-month life or up to 80 gallons of water. This pitcher offers a lot of value and a lot less work for you! A sleek design with a funnel-shaped filter adds a little style to your fridge and makes for an ergonomic pitcher.

Stop drinking tap water and start drinking water free of chlorine, mercury, copper, cadmium, zinc, sediment and other unhealthy elements with this simple to use the device. A great option for families with less than stellar water. A flip-top on the lid allows you to fill without removing the lid which saves you time and gets water in the fridge faster.

Unfortunately, this filter does not remove fluoride, but most water filter pitchers do not remove fluoride. The pitcher comes with one filter and you can easily purchase more easily. Do not stick this or any other water filter in the dishwasher. Finally, it measures 12.3 x 11.3 x 6.3 inches. A few customers had issues with the rubber ring coming off the bottom of the tank.

4. Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Ehm Water Pitcher uses the newest technology to improve the taste and quality of your tap water for drinking. With micro-clustering and reducing molecule size, this water ionizer pitcher creates easy to absorb alkaline water without free radicals or toxins. This means you can enhance your antioxidants and hydration for better health and energy.

A 6-stage composite filter cartridge removes chlorine, heavy metals, plus other contaminants and amps your water up to a pH value of 10 depending on your local water. Even better, the filter actually adds ingredients including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and anti-oxidants to provide a low negative ORP between -100 and -200 mv. Also, the 3.5-liter container holds up to 14 cups of water which is four cups more than the last two pitchers.

Filters last for up to two months after soaking in water for 10 minutes. The short, fat filters take up less space and allow for more water in the jug. A micro-screen works with activated carbon and ion exchange to reduce as much as possible from your water. While this filter doesn’t remove fluoride, it does reduce the amount in the water too.

Lastly, the filter can clog too. Taking it out and shaking it a little usually fixes the problem as it probably encountered larger elements. Some customers also complained the lid came off too easily and causes some annoyance.

5. SimPure Filter Water Pitcher

If you need a space-saver, look no further than the SimPur Filter Water Pitcher with a compact, slim-design 5 cup container. Although, this item doesn’t include a handle, it saves space as you can fit even in a tiny dorm-sized fridge or fit multiples in random tiny spaces in the fridge including on the door. It comes with a unique body shape of 10.1 x 6.8 x 2.3 inches to work anywhere, even if you need to take it to work.

In a pinch, you can even remove the filter and use as a beverage pitcher when company shows up or pack in a cooler for a picnic. Though, only put water through the pitcher. This one reduces chlorine, copper, mercury and other impurities. Even the lid offers innovation as you can click the back to make the front spout spring up to pour your water.

Flush the filter for 20-30 seconds and then insert back into the spout. Add water to the filter and you are ready to pour. No waiting for the water to filter and fill the tank as it filters the water as you remove it, which means this is even a great option for camping or hiking. Each filter works for 2 months or up to 40 gallons.

The small size means you will have to fill it more often, which means this works best for short trips or a single person. It pours a little slow so it can filter the water as it comes out. Although, without the handle this may be easier to grasp for people with arthritis, so weigh the pros and cons before purchasing.

6. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher guarantees it will remove more contaminants than the top brands while providing you 10 cups of purified water while still giving you longer lasting filters. Mind you, you will pay more for this pitcher than other brands but you save money on filters so this is simply a tradeoff.

This filter is so great it removes fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, hormones, herbicides, bacteria, cysts, lead, copper, micro-plastics, PFOA/PFAS, pharmaceuticals, glyphosate, and pesticides from your water while keeping the natural necessary ingredients like calcium and magnesium. So far, this is the first filter to remove fluoride and arsenic! The filter also lasts four months to filter 100 gallons of water.

A small half-capsule filter doesn’t take up tons of space inside the tank to provide plenty of drinking water for the day. The whole pitcher measures 11.1 x 10.9 x 5.5 inches which fits inside most fridges with ease even with a full handle for easy carry. It also includes a filter flushing dish.

However, customers bought this set because of the filter and not the container which can be difficult to use for some users as it’s heavy and filters slowly. A small price to pay though to remove even more contaminants. You can always buy two and have one filtering while the other is in the fridge getting nice and cold for the perfect cup of water.

7. BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher With 3 Bonus 60 Day Filters

If you want to experience European quality, try the BWT Water Filter Pitcher straight out of Austria. You even get the option of color with the option of blue, pink, purple, and orange. They use patented BWT magnesium technology to reduce chlorine, metals, and scaling substances while keeping magnesium. As up to 70% of US adults are magnesium deficient which can lead to illness and poor health.

Coffee connoisseurs will love the added flavor and Crema in their drink. Let’s be real, the main reason you are using a filter is for superior Italian coffee so you might as well get one meant to improve coffee. All this, and you don’t have to soak the filter to activate it before use. The set even includes three extra filters to make this option work for up to a full year before you need another filter.

The pitcher measures 13.4 x 13.2 x 5.3 inches and uses an ergonomic handle and a removable lid without sacrificing fridge space. Unlike most water pitchers, this one can go in the dishwasher (not the filter or the lid) although, you won’t need to as it creates clean water and therefore a clean tank. Each filter lasts for 40 gallons for up to 60 days. The filter can remove chlorine, metals, odors, and tastes.

The filter takes up a lot of space in the tank so it only provides 7 cups of water which means you have to refill more often. It doesn’t contain an electronic method of monitoring when you need to add a new filter so you will need to keep track or put it on your calendar.

8. Hydros 8-Cup Water Filter Pitcher Powered by Fast Flo Tech

For a different style pitcher, try the Hydros Water Filter. The pitcher works best for 1 to 3 people as it only holds 8 cups but offers so much style and the filter takes almost no space as it measures 11 x 6 x 4.7 inches so you can better gauge how much is left in the tank. It also comes in three modern colors including pale blue, gray, and white. It even helps you save money as you can reduce up to 3000 plastic bottles from your budget.

This design doesn’t require you to pour water into a reservoir and wait for the filter to work its magic on the water. Instead, the filter fills in about a minute, which is about five times faster than other filters and without a reservoir. Set it under the tap and fill. You’re done. It does not have an electronic or non-electronic gauge for the filter age. Grab a pen and fill in your calendar.

Hydros uses a multi-layer filter with its proprietary Fast Flo Tech system for the highest particle filtration to reduce 90% of chlorine and 99% of sediments with a coconut shell carbon in a BPA-free casing. The filter works for up to 40 gallons or about 2 months which isn’t the longest life but is the average. A flip-top makes one-handed pouring easier. Also, enjoy easy to install filters or infusers in the compact design.

9. Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Fill your fridge with 10 cups of delicious water using the Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. It measures 3.5 L with a generously sized reservoir so you never run out of water, at least not for four or fewer people. The filters install easily and comes with a digital timer so you know when to change your filter. It even measures in days so you have time to hop online and order another filter ASAP.

A 7-layer alkaline filter makes your water pH balanced for better health while removing fluoride, chlorine, lead, dirt, metals, and other annoying substances that should not live in your water but do when straight out of the tap. One filter allows you to purify up to 40 gallons for 2-months of usage. All this with a sleek design and a blue reservoir for a little pop of color.

The pitcher measures 11.1 x 9.1 x 6.6 inches to fit in most refrigerators. Includes an easy pour spout and easy to remove lid for refills. Includes two filters so you don’t have to rush out and buy another one for months. The filter needs to soak in water for 10-12 minutes before the first use. Includes a handle attached on both sides and
A few customers found no change in the water when they used a water meter. Follow the instructions for the filter properly to ensure your water is as clean as possible. It takes up more space in the fridge too with the round design.

10. Aozora Water Filter Pitcher

The Aozora Water Filter Pitcher offers a rectangular-shaped tank to fit in your fridge with ease. It also has an angled pour for easier use too. With four filtration layers, you can ensure your family drinks quality water free of harmful ingredients. The four stages include a filter screen followed by activated carbon, then ion, and finally microporous cotton to remove the last harmful remnants.

With space for 10 cups of water, this is the perfect choice for smaller families. All four layers work to collect chlorine, heavy metals, dust. Also, enjoy an easy refill top so you don’t need to remove the lid. The iron shape slides in next to tons of leftovers and helps to filter the water easily. It also includes anti-slip stickers on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around. Add in a generous reservoir and you a great deal.

No need to soak the filter, just run it under the water for 10 seconds and install easily. Measures 10.6 x 4.7 x 10 inches for plenty of space for water. Although, a few friends found the lid didn’t close well, but you don’t need to take the lid off too often. The pitcher doesn’t tell you when to change the filter so that task falls on you.

Questions About the Best Water Filter Pitchers

What is TDS in water?

TDS stands for total dissolved solids or the total concentration of dissolved substances in water and is made of inorganic salts along with organic matter. These substances come from several sources including natural sources and human sources such as agricultural and urban runoff.

Excellent water includes less than 300 milligrams of TDS per liter. If your water has 900 or more than you have a big problem that could affect your health and can give water a flat, undesirable taste. These minerals can leave deposits that build up on pipes and fixtures. (

Why isn’t the Pur brand on this list?

Pur brand filters did not meet our high standards. Though a popular brand in the stores, their ratings are much lower than other brands. Also, as an owner of a Pur filter I find myself planning to purchase one of the filters from this list, which I will share in final thoughts. Pur filters include all the right elements but none of the elements work cohesively. The filters clog often and extremely slowly. Also, the digital filter must be pressed hard to activate and isn’t consistent. Sometimes it claims you need to change the filter after a week and other times it claims your water is fine for 6 months. All the options on this list provide better quality water filters.

Why should I filter fluoride out of drinking water when it’s good for teeth?

While fluoride works great for teeth, it can dramatically damage health, especially in children. When you ingest fluoride, it passes the blood-brain barrier and goes straight to the nervous systems and helps to cause damage to the brain and the nervous system. It can also cause thyroid problems, interfere with sexual development, cause heart problems, increases cancer risk, increases bone problems, and causes diabetes risk.

Can you filter other liquids through a filter pitcher?

While this is is probably not a question most people ask, the answer is yes – but with varied results. Here is a humorous YouTube video demonstrating how it works:

Wrapping Up the Best Water Filter Pitchers

If you only pick one water filter pitcher from this list, pick the Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher. First, you don’t want 10 different filters in your fridge as there wouldn’t be room for food! Second, pick this one because it’s the best option because it removes fluoride and arsenic along with all the contaminants. The rectangular shape helps it fit in the fridge well too and the filter lasts longer than the other 10 cup options. It’s the best choice for healthy water in your fridge.

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