Top Whole House Water Filter Systems Reviewed

No one wants water that tastes like it came straight out of a swimming pool.

Nor do people want to wash themselves or anything else in chemical smelling water with tons of buildup and harmful ingredients.

Don’t worry, you have choices and we did all of the research and compiled all of the facts to get the right whole house water filtration system for your home and family.

Some systems work along side a water softener and make a great option for families with hard water. If you have well water you will want to check if your option only works with city water before purchasing. Also, make sure to see if sediments are an issue in your town as you will need a three filter system to properly prepare your water for cleaning, washing, and drinking.

Don’t let water filtration systems scare you. Most are much simpler to install than you think and once you read through this list you will have a much better idea of what your family needs in terms of filtration systems. Take a look and let us know if you need any help.

Best Whole House Water Filter

There are a variety of whole home filtration systems on the market, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. To help you save time researching them all, we offer our picks for the best whole house water filters:

1. iSpring WGB22BM 2-Stage Big Blue Whole House Water Filtration System

iSpring offers several options to filter your home’s water based on the elements in your water. Pick from fine sediment and carbon, iron and manganese, or lead and iron removal systems. This translates to better tasting and smelling water for your showers, washing dishes, drinking, and even watering your plants! The system takes out harmful elements for pure water for a healthier life.

The iSpring system removes up to 99% of chlorine, sediments, rust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, VOCs, along with many other contaminants. Install the system to your main water supply line using the manual provided along with some very helpful YouTube videos and save on the cost of professional installation. The set comes with the necessary houses and parts to set up yourself.

With this two-part system, water filters through multiple layers including a sediment filter and a carbon filter using a coconut shell activated carbon for a 100,000-gallon capacity. It provides a peak flow rate of 15 gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure between 25 to 80 psi. Also, it allows for a pH 6-11 for better alkalinity.

If you have hard water, you will need a water softener as well before you add the water filter. If you want even cleaner water without even beneficial elements, you may want to consider a reverse osmosis system to neutralize your water. If you can smell chlorine in your water, then pick this system. Finally, ensure you pick the option with the hoses to reduce the risk of leaking if you know little about plumbing.

2. APEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System

The last filtration system had a two-part filtration set, the APEC System offers three levels of filtration for even cleaner water ready to care for your family. Experience easy, heavy-duty components without trouble or clogs so you have water when you need it without waiting. If you have high iron in your home leaving a heavy residue in your shower or sink, then you need this system to clean up what no spray bottle can handle.

The sediment filter grabs dirt, scale, sand, silt, and rust to remove them from entry into your home. This can even save you money as your appliances that use water will have a longer life. No more stains on your clothing from the iron either! The filter is also washable and reusable to save you money on expensive replacements.

Next, a premium-grade carbon filter is a radial flow granular activated carbon cartridge to draw in chlorine, odors, tastes, and organic compounds. It’s made to offer faster flow rates and reduce low-pressure drops. The third filter snakes out iron using manganese dioxide leaving your water with a less metallic taste and build-up.

This system filters out 70,000 gallons before you need to replace the filter which is a slightly shorter life than some filters but remember, this one has at least one reusable and washable filter, unlike some other systems which keep money in your pocket. Finally, the system comes preassembled and ready to install to your main water source to collect elements harmful to your home or your health and takes up very little space in your home.

3. APEC Water Systems WTS-MAX-10 Flagship Whole House Water Filter System

Want a water system without filters? Try the APEC Flagship which is designed to treat 600,000 to a million gallons of water for unlimited clean water for years or even decades before you have to do any maintenance. Mind you, it’s going to cost a significant price to save on the work. You can pick the right size based on how many bathrooms are in your home including 1-3 or 3-6.

Another advantage of a filter-less system uses a state-of-the-art catalytic carbon to absorb chemicals like chloramines, unlike regular activated carbon filters. The system also uses a self-cleaning back-washing feature to ensure max performance while still eliminating the need for filters. This gives more media redistribution with the carbon which translates to clean water ready to drink, cook with, or clean with.

The system removes chloramines, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, chemical compounds, and organic contaminants. It also dramatically improves taste, odor, and pH balanced for the best quality water. Add in a water softener (link to article) as well for hard water. This system purifies your drinking water, bathwater, laundry water, and every other water source in your home.

Install yourself without too much effort. The system comes with everything you need for proper setup with the long metal tank. It comes with an electronic valve to monitor your settings. A perfect space and time-saving device for every home.

4. GE GXWH40L High Flow Whole Home Filtration System

If you need a decent low-end water filter to tide you over until you can afford a better system or just want one for mild water issues try the GE High Flow System. This model offers a unique clear tank so you can see the filter and know when it’s time to change it out. It filters water at the main supply so it’s completely out of sight and out of mind leaving you with better water.

Since the tank is out of sight, add filter changes to your calendar every three months. The filter reduces sediment, scale, dirt, and rust from your water and plumbing fixtures for a cleaner home. The system offers a bypass option and a red pressure-release button to change the filter without soaking yourself. It also comes with a magnetic filter reminder light and comes with the tools to mount it for quick installation.

Finally, it filters water at a rate of 15 gallons per minute, which is rather slow and you may feel a drop in water pressure. Search for GXWH40L to find the replacement filters. Do not use this system for well water, only for city water. As always, ensure all the pieces are properly fitted and use o-rings or washers as needed to prevent leaking.

5. LifeSource Water ApaPure 2 Water Filtration System

LifeSource offers a filtration system without the use of electricity or chemicals and its still maintenance free. Even better, it instantly kills bacteria and viruses with a quantum disinfection media surface with three layers. This revolutionary technology can save you time and energy as it requires no extra work and is the newest technology on the market.

Utilizing three layers of non-traditional filtering, this Quantum disinfection medium kills bacteria in less than one second with layers of silver, titanium dioxide, and aluminum. This water is so clean after touching these layers, it can even keep your family safe in a no-boil advisory because of a main water pipe break. The system even works with well water for clean eating, drinking, appliances, and cleaning.

While the initial cost is slightly high, it’s more affordable than thousands of bottles of water, hundreds of filters, and other materials needed without a water filtration system or a typical filtration system. This system runs 12 gallons per minute with a 2-year life span before it needs replacement parts and has 38 PSI.

Get this filter to kill bacteria, cysts, algae, spores, and more. It’s perfect for those who have allergies or chronic health concerns or immune system issues. You may want to pair this with another filtration system to reduce sediments, iron or other systems as this is more of a sanitizer and final step for a full filtration but it works for your entire home. This isn’t the right choice if you only want to soften water or reduce heavy metals.

6. Reverse Osmosis Revolution Whole House Water Filtration System

For completely neutral water without any extra natural or enhanced additives try the Reverse Osmosis Revolution System. This powerful 2 stage purification system comes with a year’s supply of filters to make your life easier and cut down costs. A very economical option ready to give you great tasting water without an astronomical cost.

Each of the two filters need changing every three months so add to your calendar. The first filter uses micron sediments to collect dust, dirt, silt, sand, rust, and scale particles. This helps to extend the system’s life too for a bonus. Filter number two uses a carbon block to remove chlorine and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pesticides, and industrial solvents. Each step contributes to healthier, tastier water for drinking.

Everything you need to install comes included in the box including a wrench. The company includes complete instructions for setup but you can always hire a plumber to install the system if you have no skill in this area. Install at your main water source and enjoy clean water for your appliances, cooking, eating or drinking.

Lastly, check your connects and use washers or o-rings to prevent leaking although this system may leak from the pressure button as well. Anything that requires water can leak if not properly installed. Homeowners with strong chlorine issues may want to purchase a three or more filter system.

7. Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter

Express Water makes water filtration easy with clear labels for filters and a well-organized system. Each tank has its own gauge and the sediment filter tank is clear so you can easily tell when its time to change the filter. Even better, the system takes out tons of harmful ingredients out of your drinking water.

Say goodbye to the following contaminants in your drinking water: chlorine, iron, rust, lead, pesticides, mercury, dirt, sand, viruses, fungi, sulfur, insecticides, chloramine, silt, turbidity, VOCs, and herbicides. It also removes heavy metals like cadmium, copper, hydrogen sulfate, nickel, aluminum, copper, and chromium. The system also removes cloudiness and odors.

The quick and easy-to-understand layout reduces your maintenance level when it’s time to change filters. Don’t worry about pressure loss as this produces 0.25 gallons per second. Also, don’t worry about wasted water as this filters all water. Save even more money as each filter lasts for up to 100,000 gallons or 6 to 12 months of use.

Finally, the system uses a sediment stage, a kinetic degradation fluctuation carbon filter stage, and a traditional carbon filter to remove all the contaminants listed above. You will still need a water softener if you have hard water or lots of scale buildup, otherwise, this is a near-perfect system.

8. Whirlpool WHELJ1 Central Water Filtration System

The toddler-sized Whirlpool tank offers fresh, clean water without filters as it uses filter sense technology to flush and clean its own filter every 14 days automatically. Finally! Something that cleans itself, this is the dream. Now you can unlimited filtered water for the entire life of the system with no work after installation.

The NSF certified unit reduces water contaminants, even the tiny annoying ones, in your water for safer drinking, cooking, and cleaning water. This includes sediment, chlorine, and many other items you don’t want near your mouth or skin. It will also reduce cloudy water and improve taste and odor.

This tank works an astounding 570,000 gallon of water on an yearly basis. It does have a couple of flaws though, it doesn’t reduce iron, hydrogen sulfide, or heavy metals. If these are issues in your house then pick another filtration system from this list. Also, installation requires at least some knowledge. If you don’t know what you are doing than hirer someone.

Last of all, the water flow is only 6 gallons per minute, which is rather low and can reduce the pressure in your shower. You may notice a minor increase in your water bill as the system needs water to flush out the filter. This is a great option for those with chlorinated city water low in sediments, those who don’t want to change filters, or for small household with less than four people.

9. Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House Water Filtration System

Home Masters offers an affordable 2-filter system and tons of features to improve the water in your home. You will love the 15 gallons per minute which is the strongest possible water pressure unless you go to a waterfall. It also offers a 100,000-gallon capacity coconut shell carbon filter that does, of course, require replacement during the lifespan of the system.

Connect the system to your main water source to dispense clean water to your toilets, showers, sinks, bathtub, and appliances. If your city has a lot of chlorine than it’s a great option. Stage one removes multi-gradient depth sediment with four layers to processes out more bacteria and chemicals.

Stage two uses radial flow granular activated coconut shell carbon to remove chlorine, chemicals, taste, and odor. The whole system removes up to 95% of contaminants. Includes a life cycle of 80,000 gallons per 1 ppm and 20 gallons per minute based on the iron content of your water. Enjoy longer filter life with a range of 6 to 12 months.

This system does not work on sediments so if you have a lot of brown water or yellow buildup or anything similar, sediments might be a problem for you. If you have a lot of metal or buildup, you will want to try the three filter tanks also sold by Home Masters. You may need a plumber to install the system which can increase the cost.

10. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System w/ UV Purifier & Salt-Free Descaler

The Aquasana Whole House System costs a hard to swallow sum but provides so much for families dealing with subpar water. It also works for a full decade without maintenance besides filter replacement. Use this system if you have well water as it can clean dirty water thanks to a UV filtration, and it still works on city water too.

The Aquasana offers a unique up-flow dual-tank design to prevent clogging while creating more contact between water and cleaning media. Each of the tanks has a long life and are designed for easy replacement when necessary. All this allows the system to sanitize 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, cysts resistant to chlorine. It also removes 97% of chlorine while reducing lead, mercury, pesticides, VOCs, along with many other contaminants.

Get great water without mineral buildup or scale thanks to the unique design. Start with a sediment pre-filter, move on to a salt-free water conditioner, followed by a carbon activated filter, a post-filter, and finally a UV filter for laser precision. The system does not remove TDSs or fluoride. You have to replace filters every few months depending on sediment levels in your town.

The box includes everything needed for the 1 million gallons Rhinotank. Customers have found the price uncomfortable along with customer service experiences. Those with small spaces may have difficulty setting up the bulky setup nearing their main water supply source.

Questions About Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Are there more affordable methods to filter my water?

Yes, but they will not work for your whole house. If you only want to filter your kitchen sink, you can use an under the sink water filtration system. You can also use a refrigerator pitcher filter or under sink filter if you are only concerned about drinking water or reducing your plastic consumption. These options are more affordable but only work locally instead of centrally.

How can I tell if I have sediments in my water?

The first way you can tell is by a strong taste. You can definitely taste chlorine but for others, you may not immediately recognize the flavor of stuff you should be drinking. If it smells like rotten eggs, you can blame sulfur. If it takes like flat-bread, you may have issues and sediments mix with naturally occurring yeast.

Another way to tell if you have sediments is with low water pressure. This might happen because of scale from sediments. Also, if your water is cloudy or almost a milky white, you have an issue.

I live in an apartment or a townhome, am I allowed to put in a water filtration system?

You will need to look at your lease or talk to your landlord. They may be willing to put in a system or not want you to without their approval. If they do not allow you then you can use an under-the-sink option or a localized option for each of your water inlets. Definitely check with your landlord before installing anything beyond a faucet mount filtration system.

Here is a good YouTube video showing the typical steps needed to install a whole-home water filter system:

Wrapping Up Whole House Water Filtration Systems

The best option on the list for most users is the APEC Water Systems WTS-MAX-10 Flagship Whole House Water Filter System as it meets most users’ needs by cleaning water without an excessive amount of maintenance. While the LifeSource doesn’t require any maintenance, it only sanitizes your water without removing sediments or other elements you don’t want in your water. Now go forth and drink clean water!

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